Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dancing With the Stars, Boy Abunda and Prince Charles

Dear insansapinas,
Dancing with the Stars
As if shooting a TV set is not enough for a viewer to show his disgust for the Bristol Palin's way of dancing. Ang grabeh pa, naretain siya at si Brandy ang naeliminate. The people are attributing the popular votes to the social media machinery of the mother Sarah Palin who is planning to run as President.

Before the reality dance Finals this coming Monday,  someone sent  a letter with white powder in it.

LOS ANGELES - A white powder in an envelope with a threatening letter delivered to the "Dancing With the Stars" production office at CBS Studios in Los Angeles was determined to be talcum powder.

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Politics and showbiz in Dancing with the Stars. Arghhh.

Boy Abunda and his lifetime partner

Abunda's partner, Quintana who was formerly stage director was appointed Assistant VP of PAGCOR. 

Conflict of interest?
But PAGCOR management said it hired Quintana and gave him the high post since his shows boosted casino revenues during his time with them. Competent, hardworking and honest were the words PAGCOR management used to heap praises on them.
Reached by text message as he is currently on official business trip in the US, PAGCOR Chief Executive Officer Cristino Naguiat Jr. said it was Quintana's competence that got him the job and not connections.
PAGCOR quickly refuted questions that Abunda or Kris lobbied for Quintana's appointment. Quintana is an appointee of Naguiat, and not a direct appointee of President Aquino.

Sabi nga ni Dean Edna Co ng UP College of Public Administration and Governance:
While there is nothing illegal about the appointment, Quintana should have declined out of delicadeza.

Prince Charles

Tuwing makikita ko si Prince Charles at Camilla, naalala ko si Princess Di at ang pagtataksil nila sa prinsesa na kinasira ng buhay niya. Bwisit.



Anonymous said...

wala sa kanila yung salitang "delicadeza" not for the people in syowbizz and more not for the people in politiczz,tsuk!

cathy said...

Wala, unahan sila kung saan pwedeng kumita. Checkin mo kung nasaan ang mga yan, nasa ibang bansa.