Friday, November 19, 2010

DOT logo and slogan - No Market Research has been conducted

Dear insansapinas,

Nang sinabi ng DOT Secretary na para namang knowledgeable pa sa mga researchers ang mga critics, nahinto ako ng pagkain noon. ANONG RESEARCH?

Ang paggawa ng logo at slogan ay hindi market research. Drawing lang yong. TSEH.

Market research is for discovering what people want, need, or believe. It can also involve discovering how they act. Once that research is completed, it can be used to determine how to market your product.
source: wikipedia
 Ano ang ginagawa sa research? Test marketing muna. Anong concept ba ang binebenta?
May impact ba? Naiintindihan ba ng target market? Alin ba ang target market? May recall ba? May recognition ba?

Parang sampal sa DOT Scretary ang balitang ito, galing sa ad agency:
Advertising agency Campaigns & Grey stressed that the now-controversial "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" tourism campaign was still being tested and that they had cautioned the tourism agency against prematurely launching it. "We repeatedly warned the client (Department of Tourism) that it was premature to launch, or even preview the study," Campaigns & Grey said in a statement on Friday.
Apparently, the concept "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" was "developed as one of 5 concepts" still to be tested among target market segments.

The phrase aimed to be a novel line that visitors would find memorable, similar to Hawaii's 'Aloha' or even the Japanese 'Irasshaimase!'
 Read my blog about the meaning of Ganda.


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