Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dear insansapinas,
I was certain that I heard something from the living room. I was surprised that the sound awakened me. I tried to open my eyes but I felt the eye muscles were still asleep. The digital clock displayed that it was 30 past 2 o clock. I went to bed at 12 noon. Yes, I meant to catch 40 winks only to rest my tired muscles and forget the pain that was haunting me for days already. But I had fallen asleep.A long one. Must be the painkiller.

After a brief moment of concentration, I opened my eyes wide open. Slowly, I rolled to the side of the bed. It took me several minutes to stand up and opened my bedroom door. 

I decided to go to the kitchen before going to the bathroom. As I passed by the dining area , I saw that one chair was turned 180 degrees away from the table. Did I move the chair before I took that long nap? The question was screaming from my head as I checked the dining room. The area rug was also moved. There was no one inside the house. There was no sound except for the tick tock of the clock in the hallway.

Frightened, I stood very still. A wave of cold air rolled over me. I am not afraid of ghosts even if they appear to me. But to see some furniture moved and other things not in their proper places make me suspect that whoever is the culprit is not even a poltergiest. He is a human being.What kept grabbing in my mind is that he is inside the house.

Then I heard the sound from the balcony. I saw a shape crossing past behind the thick draperies. Then the click. Was I seeing or imagining? The  glass door opened from the outside.

I was about to scream... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

 The  old tall building maintenance man smiled. He said that he could not start repainting the grills in the balcony. It was starting to rain but he showed me the newly-painted wall around the A/C. 

Nakalimutan ko nga pala na nagtatrabaho siya doon sa balcony. Kawawang matanda. 

I reached for the suspense mystery novel that I was reading before I fell asleep.



Anonymous said...

hahaha mabuti nalang mam dimo naitulak sa balkonahe sa pagkagulat hahaha.

cathy said...

naku patay siya. ang taas ng aming balkonahe.