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Balete Drive, Manila Film Center, Corregidor -Haunted Places in the Philippines Part 2

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Ito ang part 2 ng Haunted Places in the Philippines series. Mababasa ang Part 1 dito.

Balete Drive

Balete Drive is a street located in New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines. It is known for apparitions of a white lady and haunted houses which were built during the Spanish Era (19th century). The century old houses  were believed to be haunted by  wandering spirits of their former owners. New Manila has an abundance of balete trees, which, according to legend, is a favorite spot of wandering spirits and other paranormal beings. Paranormal experts believe that the white lady was raped by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War.  Some said that it was a cab driver who raped a college student  and her body was dropped in that area.. Most believed the first story which was published in 1953 by a news reported who allegedly had nothing to report.  Witnesses of the white lady, advise motorists to avoid the street at night, especially if they are alone. If it is necessary to travel the route, they advise that the backseat of the car is fully occupied and that no one should look back or look in any mirrors. The apparition wears a night gown, has long hair but has no face or one covered with blood.
source: wiki and other articles

Manila Film Center

The Manila Film Center served as the main theater for the 1st Manila International Film Festival (MIFF) from the 18th to the 29th of January, 1982. The building has also been the subject of controversies due to an accident that happened during the final stages of its construction in 1981.
An accident occurred around 3:00 a.m. on November 17, 1981 during the construction of the Manila Film Center. Its scaffolding collapsed, and at least 169 workers fell and were buried under quick-drying wet cement. A security blanket was immediately imposed by the Marcos administration, and neither rescuers nor ambulances were permitted on the site until an official statement had been prepared. The rescuers were eventually permitted to go inside the accident site 9 hours after the collapse. Some said that there were not even a dozen workers who died.
Various ghostly activities were reported on the site including mysterious sounds, voices and poltergeist
activity. In the late '90s, a group called the Spirit Questors began to make visits to the film center in an attempt to contact and appease the souls of the workmen who were killed in the building. Some of these spirits claimed to have moved on, but a few allegedly remained.
 Many believed that the haunting is just an urban legend.
 source:wiki and other articles.

Corregidor Island 

Corregidor is located about 48 kilometers west of Manila. Its outline is shaped rather like that of a tadpole, with its tail running eastward, and the island has a land area of about 900 hectares

It serves as a memorial for the Filipino and US soldiers who defended the fort against the Japanese Imperial Army.

Tourists not only from the US come to the island yearly.

Reported paranormal activities included footsteps. noises of hospital acitivites, shouts of people in pain near the hospital ruins and Malinta tunnel.





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