Saturday, April 30, 2011

While the World Watched the Wedding

Dear insansapinas,
While theworld watched the wedding:

credit: CNN

1. Obama was visiting the victims of tornado in Alabama.

2. Donald Trump was questioning Obama's Harvard school records? .
Pagkatapos ng nakakahiyang kaso ng halos isampal kay Donald Trump ang birth certificate ni Obama galing sa Hawaii, ang kaniyang academic backgeound naman ang kaniyang pinakikialaman. You're Fired, Trump.

3. OMG Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez Resigns

She wrote in her resignation letter that she wants to spare the nation from lengthy, expensive and divisive impeachment trial.

Sayang ang mga robes na pinagawa ng mga Senators. Sayang ang mga pagpaderma nila para good-looking sila sa camera.

Hampas sa kabayo, latay sa kalabaw? Nasaan ang kalabaw? When you are at the end of the rope and the person you trusted to save you let you hang to your death, there is no other recourse but to let go,

3,, Pope John Paul II

Rome is set to beatify the first global pope, six years after his death. Usually, it takes decades or even centuries to declare a person a candidate for sainthood.

4.Heidi Mendoza, the feisty auditor who is now the COA Comissioner was the guest speaker in Washington DC 
 in the World Bank's talk on“Effective Auditing as the Bane of Grand Corruption”.
She  divulged how the cost of Mongol pencils were overpriced and the government funds amounting to 25 million  was diverted to the wedding of a government official and how the bond paper costs Php 800 millions for AFP.

Tapos ininuwi ng mga empleyado sa bahay nila.

By warning that the pork barrel may be audited, the auditor might have just invited lots of enemies.


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