Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fairy Tail Stories

Dear insansapinas,
May narinig akong celebrity na nagsabing kailangang gisingin ang mga bata (alas kuwatro dito ang live coverage ng kasal ni Prince William at HRH Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge dahil ito ang wedding na fairy tail ehek fairy tale. BAKEEET. Ang fairy tale, nag-eending ng happily ever after. Itong mga prince at princesses na nag-aasawa, nagdidivorce.

Ayon sa statistics ang kasal daw ng royalty ay 66 per cent fail. Ibig sabihin, divorce sila. Tingnan natin ang mga anak ni Queen Elizabeth:

Princess Anne
Princess Anne and the ex of Duchess Camilla, Andrew Park Bowles
 photocredit: daily mail

 She married Lt. Mark Philipps in 1973  in a wedding of the decade watched by 100 million people worldwide. When she was still single, she was often escorted  by Andrew Parker-Bowles  who was rumored to be the love of her life (Yes Virginia, Andrew Parker Bowles was  the ex of Duchess of Cornwall CAMILLA) but she could not marry him because he is a Roman Catholic. At that time, Camilla was also running after Parker Bowles who was popular among ladies. Ugh.  (Mga love triangle talaga anoh. Hmmm,)

Princess Anne and Mark Philipps  divorced in 1992 with two children with no royal titles since Philipps did not accept the earldom offered by the Queen upon their marriage.

In the same year, she married Commander Timothy Lawrence. They have no children.

In 2007, she was seen with Andrew Parker Bowles again. Gossips heard were the marriage to the commander was shaky and  that the Queen intervened for any attempt of divorce.The Queen was determined to stop  her only daughter divorcing again to remarry.

Ano kaya nagkabalikan si Princess Anne at si Parker-Bowles at nagkikita-kita sila sa royal occasion ni Camilla at ni Prince Charles. Masaya. One big happy family.



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