Monday, April 18, 2011

AJ Perez, Organ Donation, Early Edition and Highway to Heaven

Dear insansapinas,
I read that the ABS CBN young talent, AJ Perez' family is donating his cornea to a girl, Fatima Soriano who is blind since birth. AJ Perez died in a vehicular accident last Saturday.

(If you do not believe in paranormal, stop here and go to the last paragraph. Babalik din kayo. hohoho). 

This reminds me of an episode of Early Edition, a TV series featuring a man whose psychic ability is to see the headline for the next 24 hours. The series was already canned and old episodes run in a not so  popular channel.

The episode was the donation of a robbery suspect of his heart to a young girl who has been waiting for a donor. 
The psychic was admitted in the hospital for concussion that he got from a hit and run vehicle. There he met the young girl who was very playful despite her heart problem. She needed to have a heart transplant or else she dies.

The young man who was supposed to be the heart donor was forced to join a much older man who  had made him a sidekick in his carnapping, robberies and other crimes to support his ailing mother.

To be a heart donor, he had to die first.

The dilemma for the psychic whose role is to alter the future  is who is he going to save. The heart transplant donor whose death from a gun shot was  published in the early edition of the newspapers which is delivered by a cat before the newspapers hit the news stands or the heart transplant donee who he became acquainted with while staying in the hospital. She had only a few hours left.

So he decided. In his attempt to save the young man from being shot, he was the one who got hurt. Before he regained consciousness, he talked to the girl in another realm when she flatlined while having a surgery for the transplant. They found a donor. 

He regained consciousness when his doctor woke him up to deliver a message. The girl was doing fine. He was glad to hear it but he was sorry for the young man who he tried to save.

It turned out however that the heart donor was the other robber who in his desire to flee from the crime drove recklessly and totaled his get-away car.

Highway to Heaven

It made me think therefore that the guardian angels or the spirit guides must be in panic every time the individuals they are waching over are about to exit this world of the living---if you believe in angels.

In the series Highway to Heaven, Michael Landon who was the famous actor in Little House in the Prairie is an angel who is sent for a mission on earth.He cannot use divine power. He just have to rely on his skills of persuasion since he does not appear in white robe with wings and harp. He left the mortals to make the decisions after showing them some consequences of their wrong choices.

You know when you are with a terminal illness as mine, you try to believe in whatever will make you feel unafraid of what is going to happen when it is about time. I feel I have not earned my wings so I can settle for a consultant. mwhehehehe. 


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