Monday, April 11, 2011

Psychologists/Psychiatrists, Undercover Boss and the Youngest Franchiseholder

Dear insansapinas,

I am on the waiting mode today. A technician is scheduled to check our A/C system in preparation for the warm season. Wonder of wonders, I still need a jacket to go out. Confused na ang weather . Then the hospital called to tell me that I got an appointment next week to see my surgeon, Dr. Papapicolino and I thought I have to wait three months before I see him for the results. Anyway, this week, I am seeing my internal medicine specialist for other health issues. Achoo.

Undercover Boss
Yes, I know Virginia, that the first item in my title is psychologists/psychiatrists. I will discuss undercover boss to introduce the first topic.

As I have explained, this reality series is about the CEOs of conglomerates who go undercover to learn from their employees, to identify problems, to reward deserving workers and to implement good suggestions and observations initiated by the people below the corporate ladder. 

This week, the company is one of the largest fastfood chains and the CEO is a American Korean who strived hard to give his parents comfortable lives before they die. He did not have much of a normal childhood since they moved from one country to another when he was young until they settled in the US.

Among the employees he interacted with was a cashier who showed him how to get orders and payments as quickly as possible in order to avoid long line of customers. He is a 20- year old Filipino male who in their interview portion (the CEO still in disguise talked to the employees and asked about their family) intimated that he considered himself still blessed despite the fact that the father abandoned them (the mother and his siblings).
The CEO could not believe that the young man would grow to be responsible despite the family problems.
He may be used to the locals who leave the family at the sign of trouble and justify their crimes or misdemeanors by blaming the  broken family and lack of father who should have seen to it that they are well provided and that they grow up emotionally stable.

Because of this healthy attitude and sacrifice to help the family (he just arrived from the Philippines 2 years ago), he was given a free franchise of the fastfood chain and will be assisted to start his own branch. Other employees were given cash and vacations that only amounted to $ 5,000.

If he chose to be a part of the society's  problem, psychologists would justify the bad choice to parents who 
did not do their part in making the individual a productive member of the community. 

This is the reason why I do not approve so much of this therapy. Psychologists/psychiatrists can give wrong ideas to explain the mental problem of the patient. Just like a lady who must have been brainwashed by her therapists that the reason why she allowed herself to be abused by her husband or boyfriend is because she was deprived of a father so she is seeking a father image. Father image, my foot. All the men that she had relationships with were younger than she is.

 Someone who is looking for a father image would fall for someone who is very much older than she is.  Even a person without a background in psychology can easily see that she is one narcissistic person who never grows up. She thinks that she is still a teener that needs attention from her male siblings. 

What I did not like in her therapist is the idea that she inculcated in her mind that she  was abandoned by her father when all the while she knew that she was born after her father died. She constantly sought the guidance of the male siblings to whom she did not listen anyway because her therapists have other ideas to feed to her brain.

I remember the story of a Filipino family who suffered financially, emotionally and was on the brink of despair when their young daughter was made to confess that she was being abused by her own father.
The truth was, he didn't. After sessions with the psychologists, the girl was brainwashed and the Department of Child Services was about to take her away from the family when the girl retracted what she accused of her father.

After the case was  settled, the family packed their things and went back to the Philippines.

I am not discussing this because aside from a senator, a child psychologist joined the Revillame "child abuse" bandwagon. She is connected with someone from Malacanan. 

Our children are more resilient than the Caucasian kids. They are used to having a big family, the parents, the grandparents and the uncles and aunts so they are not susceptible of falling into depression. 

When my tsikiting gubat was made to dance the seductive dance when he was young, he did not even remember it not until we made fun of him noong malaki na siya na macho dancer siya to which he would simulate the dance again with gusto.

Pero kung may isang psychologist siguro na nagsabi sa kaniya na ito ay child abuse, baka lumaki siyang galit sa mga gumawa sa kaniya pero bakit.

Lastly, another episode of CSI showed a woman who was suspected of being murdered. Before she died, her friend who turned out to be the  killer (by accident) told the CSI people that the woman believed that she was a cat simply because a psychologist recommended that she should take role who is capable of receiving affection. Cats welcome human affection. The woman took the role very seriously that she abandoned the shelter house that she put up for abused women and she joined a group who are composed of women who think that they are cats. The leader of the group was the therapist. 



Anonymous said...

ahohoy,ako din nga gusto kong mag franchise pag retired nako sa pagtatrabaho...banana and kamote-Q republic...kaso mahal asukal at mahal na rin ang saging na saba.

mam, sa remika kada kanto yata my psychologist, satin anung psycho-psychologist ka dyan, pang man-nyanyaman lang yan.

Anonymous said...

marami akong kakilala mam na ang kinuha nilang mapangasawa e 15 to 20 yrs ang tanda sa kanila kasi katwiran nila father image at nasabik sila sa tatay at iniisip nila na pag matanda ang napangasawa mo e mapag pasensya at maiispoiled ka...NOT!
lahat ng kakilala ko kasama na ang BFF ko,lahat sila
ay namali ng expectation, ang lumalabas pa nga e since tanders ang napangasawa nila e sila pa ang nagpapa sensya, more on demanding, controlling, strikto, seloso, abusado ang mga tanders na napangasawa nila.

Anonymous said...

sa case ko mam,wala kaming namulatang tatay pero kahit minsan diko naisip na kumuha ng tanders na asawa, yoko nga jejeje.
di rin ako nainggit sa mga my tatay(honestly)...
basta naiisip kolang palagi na kung nagkaron ako ng matinong tatay e siguro nagkaron ako ng magandang edukasyon (hindi rin kasi tamad talaga ako magaral mwehehe)
at siguro di palagi kumakalam ang sikmura namin (di rin kasi yung kapitbahay namin lasenggo tatay mas kalam sikmura kesa samin)

siguro di kami pumapasok sa skul at naglalakad ng kalayo makapasok lang sa skul (di rin,marami dyan my tatay dinga nakakapag aral at sila pa nga ang pinaghahanapbuhay)

siguro kung may tatay ako sya ang naghahanap buhay at ang nanay namin ang nagaalaga samin (di rin, daming tatay dyan walang hanapbuhay,naglalasing pa,si nanay nasa sugalan at mga anak nagsipang gala sa kanye)

so theres no reason para mainggit ako sa may mga tatay, di rin nagkaron ng epekto yun sa utak ko (iniisip kopa kung anung naging cause ng topak ko mwehehe),mas maraming psychologist sa remika kumpara satin na wala naman tayong kinamulatang ganyan pero mas maraming my topak sa kanila compare satin mwehehe.
need mo ng kausap? punta ka sa kanto daming tambay libre pa walang bayad per ora kahit pa buong araw.

R.O. said...

psychology is useful in understanding the unconscious thoughts that drive a person to do what he or she does. but in terms of going beyond that, out of scope na ang psychology. why? because a sane person has a choice; he can choose to get stuck and be controlled by the past or he can choose to reframe the past, let go, forgive, move on.

cathy said...

dito kunting kibot, sa shrink ang tuloy. sa atin, kailangan lang kaibigan na pwedeng iyakan at pagbuntunan ng sama ng loob para mawala ang depression, ang problema.
dito kasi wala kang makakasamang kaibigan na ganiyan. lahat busy. hindi mo alam ang kaibigan mo meron din palang topak.

cathy said...

doon nga ako nagtataka sa mga nag-aasawa na father image ang hinahanap. You do not have sex with your father.

kaya lang attracted ang babae sa older person ay dahil sa kaniyang wisdom at ang iba nga any naniniwala na pag mas matanda mas understanding.
minsan ang matatandang ito ang asal bata pa para lang makapagcope sa napangasawang bata. Wisdom does not come of age.
sandali bakit ba ang seryoso ko. toonkk

cathy said...

meron akong kilala talagang grabe ang tatay pero lumaki pa ring matino. ang nanay niya ang hindi nagmature. kung minsan sa company rin yan. Makisama ka sa mga losers, loser ka rin.

Makisama ka sa mga maraming baggage sa buhay, mapapagod ka rin kabibitbit. ehek.

cathy said...

since "shrinking" is a very lucrative in the US, the competition makes some practitioners very creative. To maintain a string of clients, some come up with theories which are out of this world. For me ha.

I still have to see someone who got cured of his/her mental anxieties by just merely tracing the root cause of what is perceived as ailment of the client.

Aside from their sessions, they prescribe meds which have more side effects than the intended cure.

Dito lang yata sa States ako nakakita ng maraming personality disorder.

Sa atin ang shrink ay ang mga manghuhulang pinupuntahan ng mga karamihan mga kababaihan, kahit pa mga nasa high society.