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Birth Control Pills and IPhone

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Birth Control Pills 
Several women in the province stopped using birth control pills because of the side effects that they observed in their bodies. It is just like other meds where it is curative to a certain health issue but it would bring tons of side effects that may be the cause for the med taker to croak. 

Because you can buy it without prescription, the pharmacist will give you a look-- like her eyes are cat scan machines  that can penetrate thru your body and  get any brand that she thinks suits you. That is if you have no brand reference yet.  In the province,women go to health centers to get their free supply of the pills, unaware of the side effects it may bring. 

Even though there are already news that a certain birth control pill is found to put women in risk, in the PHL, I am not sure whether there are some actions taken to recall the brands or warnings made to the pill users. 

Are we still the landfill (read: Dumping ground) of the obsolete, close to obsolete, phased out and or rejected products of the West?

Take for instance this news:

Women who are using a newer version of birth control that contains the hormone drospirenone have a higher risk of serious blood clot, according to two studies published in the online version of the British Medical Journal.
Drospirenone is found in birth control pills such as Ocella, Yasmin and Yaz.
The studies found that drospirenone has two to three times more risk of blood clots compared with birth control pills containing an older form of a progestin hormone called levonorgestrel. Dr Susan Jick, lead authors said that these findings “provide further evidence that levonorgestrel pills appear to be a safer choice” pertaining to blood clots.
Ano kayang masasabi ng maiingay na pro-life, pro contraceptives  advocates?

Parang prinotektahan mo ang itlog, inilagay mo naman sa panganib yong manok.


My brother forwarded this link after I asked him if the Android is also doing the same to users.

Got an iPhone or 3G iPad? Apple is recording your moves

A hidden file in iOS 4 is regularly recording the position of devices.

Today at Where 2.0 Pete Warden and I will announce the discovery that your iPhone, and your 3G iPad, is regularly recording the position of your device into a hidden file.
What makes this issue worse is that the file is unencrypted and unprotected, and it's on any machine you've synched with your iOS device. It can also be easily accessed on the device itself if it falls into the wrong hands.
 And I thought it only happens in spy/mystery/detective series like NCSI, Castle and Criminal Minds.

In the old episodes of NCSI, the nerd MCGee was able to trace the location of the suspect by tracking the cell phone without a GPS that he was using until the latter ditched it and used the disposable cell phone from Wall Mart and 7-11.

Then the latest in the Law and Order (I am not sure) was the mother who activated an App in the cell phone of her daughter to know where she went after school hours.

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life. 

Gone are the days when the spy and the superhero have to fight it out with other people to use the phone booth not only to change costume but to contact ET? hehehe

The first time, my friend got a cell phone, I thought she was carrying a hammer inside her tote bag. It was big and heavy; so was the battery. The phone alone can be used as weapon--to strike any person attempting to steal it. bwahaha

As to tracking the whereabouts of the users, for some Filipino tweeters, there is no need for it. They post in their twitter where they are every single hour of the day. An assassin  who would like to study their  daily routines does not need an IQ of the Big Bang Theory dudes to come up with the plan of locating him.

As one behavior analyst said in Criminal Minds, what you write in your Facebook and Twitter accounts will be forever in the net. He wondered  why these people  have to write what they eat in the morning and the rest of the day including the food they are allergic to.  A jealous or envious worker or jilted lover can always sabotage the food eaten by a target facebooker.


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