Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Stress and the Dishwashing

Dear insansapinas,

How many of us can live out parts of our personality and what parts are we suppressing ?

The crucial shift in the  inner part which consists of our values, goals and aspirations can throw us off balance signaling the need to change and move on to the next stage of life.

The life of an adult is not easy as it undergoes the stages of development. With each stage, some magic must be given up, some cherished illusions must be cast off  for what is right in one stage may be restrictive for growth in the next.

There is no one right chair. As we outgrow one, we should be willing to change that is more compatible to us. In between changes, an individual has to stand up. Some manage to stand straight without wobbling. Some wobble but manage to stand straight again. It is these disruptions or crisis that make individuals
Grow and Develop.

You may be wondering where pinay is as if you care. (drama pa)

She is stressed for being sleepless because she stopped using the painkillers which make her stay in bed the whole day (almost). 

 Fifty-four percent of women don't sleep properly,  The causes, though various, are all rooted in stress -- the stress of working, the stress of not working, the stress of raising children, the stress of having no children to raise. For pinay, it could be the stress of thinking not being able to sleep.

So last night, I listened to the music while my tears were like waterfalls cascading down my cheeks. Damned this allergy. It gives me watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. 

Today, I waited again for two techies; one to repair the dishwasher and the other to replace the caulk in the kitchen counter. Honestly, I do not use the machine very much. I prefer washing the dishes with my hands. 
I have compulsion on dirty dishes. Isa hindi ako makakanta pag hindi naghugas ng pinggan. toinkk.  Hindi ako mapalagay pag may nakatambak sa sink. Probably because  dishwashing was the responsibility given to me by my father when I was a few inches high. My parents went to some relatives and there was no one to baby sit us. They did not even ask us to prepare dinner. But my oldest brother who stood as our commander took the initiative to make prito the fish. Then he asked me to tend to the rice. Panay ang bukas ko. Sunog na malambot tuloy. When my parents came, they had food cooked from Aling Gare, (our cook ng bayan). Yon pala ibinilin na bago sila umalis.



Anonymous said...

hayz,speaking of dishwashing,nung bata pako yan ang trabaho ko,araw araw kong ginagawa pero allergy parin ako hehehe kung pwede ko nga lang takasan,kaya nga tawa tawa si mader,sa ibang pinanggalingan ko kasing bansa mura lang ang helper,nung mapunta sya dito sakin e ang gamit ko puro dezpowzablez mapa baso,plato o kubyertos mwehehe,ang tamad ko raw?i agreeeee ur honor hahaha,per ora kc bayad sa helper dito sa building ko noh 50rmb/hr at minimum hr na pede mo silang i-hire e 2hrs, wak na toy e ang dudugyot din naman,di worth.

sa ngayon dipa ko masyadong stress kasi ala pa masyadong trabaho,isa lang ang stress ko,kung kelan ako di busy saka naman ako walang perang pang shopping grrrrr.

cathy said...

noong nasa pilipinas ako, di ako naghuhugas ng pinggan kasi madalang akong kumain sa bahay. pagdating dito sa States, balik ako paghugas.pinagtatawanan nga nila ako dahil mga daliri ko lang ang nababasa.

nakakastress din ang gustong magshopping pero walang pang shopping.