Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Dear insansapinas, 

While prices are going up, some hungry-for-hits bloggers are still on the week old controversy brought 
by the alleged "child abuse" in the Willing Willie variety show. They even go to the extent of resorting to name calling and labelling each other, pangit...yada, yada. One columnist even wrote an open letter to the father of the boy as if he owns a manual for parenting. Over the top. 

While the administration flip-flopped on removing the ombudsman ( and exempt other officials involved in that controversial case of tourists carnage in Luneta),  former child prodigies rode on the bandwagon and "mahilig makisawsaw sa issue-na-unang-unang tatakas" sa Pinas pag nagkagulo, hoping to boost their sagging career, tweeting and blogging  their condemnation to the alleged child abuse. Didn't they even realize that they may have been exploited when they were young? Ahhh, it's different, some would say. Yong kay Jan Jan's na special talent ay para sa lowlife? at ang kanila ay para sa mga elite at mga artists. Parang pag sikat na painter, ang nude painting ay art, pero kung karaniwan ka lang tao, ito ay bastos. It is crystal clear that some people like blood. Blood of Willie Revillame. Gagawin yatang dinuguan.

Many may disagree with me or may think that I am a fan of Revillame. Nah you are wrong. Having been in the corporate world where crisis management calls for coming up with resolutions to avert negative impact on the corporate's image or operations, I do not believe that the apology of the TV5 was " labas-ilong". They offered cooperation. They imposed moratorium on contests and game shows. 
Facing widespread public rebuke for alleged “child abuse" on its show Willing Willie and possible government sanctions, ABC TV5 has imposed a moratorium on contests and game shows involving minors. 
The network’s chief operating officer Robert V. Barreiro also informed the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) at a hearing Monday that his company will follow stricter guidelines on the appearance and performance of minors on all TV5 programs
But the MTRCB and other has- been- personalities wanted more--to ax the program. To me, this is counterproductive. They did not want to move on. Their hidden agenda are showing.  

If they are after good shows with moral values, then this is the time to make that happen. 

If they want to moralize, start with a child -oriented show where kids are also made to mouth unpleasant dialogues and are made to act like adults (one was about infidelity). Write a letter to Marlene Aguilar and show her how her unconditional love to her son brought him more damage than good or better still write the producers to stop inviting her. But as one columnist said, whenever she is the guest, the program rates .

If they want to sanction Revillame, recommend a suspension or a hefty fine. But to " kill" a program which entertains the masa (where most of the critics are not part of the common people) because as intellectuals,it is  below their  standard is depriving them the kind of show they want. Shoving to them the talk shows which discuss politics, travel, food, gossips and news broadcast that headlined even the loss of a ring by Dionisia Pacquiao is beyond me. Hindi lahat ng tao pantay pantay. May kaniya-kaniya silang preference. Ayaw nating manood ng mga program kagaya ng Willing Willie, huwag din naman nating ipilit kung ano ang gusto natin. Kung galit naman ang iba dahil malaki ang kinikita ni Willie, isipin na lang ninyo na at least legitimate yon at binabayaran niya ng tax; hindi kagaya ng mga corrupt na military at politicians na "nilalabhan" ang pera sa ibang bansa. 
The more they persecute Willie, the more he becomes "hero" of the masses. Tatanungin nila yong maiingay na mga critics, bakit nagbibigay ba sila ng pera? 


Anonymous said...

korekek ka dyan mam,mizzzzzmo.
move on na nga,are we really expect na maging modelo ang mga celebrities/tv personalities?thats pathetic(tama ba spelling ko mwehehe)we know naman na ang pinakamaruming industry ay ang politics at syowbiznes,so what do we expect(i agree to myself bwahaha).
bilib ka nga sa mga yan,panay panay yan ang topic nila pero pag nagkaron ng bagong issue bilgang aboooooout face naman sila sa bagong issue at forget na yung dating issue,isa pa yang mga yan na kulang sa pansin.
sige lang,move on nalang,alam naman nating papangit ng papangit,parumi ng parumi at pakorni ng pakorni ang mga nasa tv(thats why i stop watching loooong ago)ang babaduy nila,kaya ako chismis nalang ang bisyo ko(mas baduy pala ehek).
ako nga e ala ng kilalang artista(yun nalang mga kapanahunan ko)
sa mga magazine naman mabubwisit kat yung mga pagmumukha nalang nung mga stylist,epals,fashionistas kunu ang laman ng mga magazines bukod sa mga advertisements,sila sila nagsusulat,kumokodaks sa magazines e sila sila narin ang laman anung magazines nila na dapat e ang mga trabaho nila e back stage lang e sila pang mag umeepal kesa mga celebs/models.
teka,nawala nanaman ako sa topic bwahaha.

cathy said...

yong ibang mga kritiko, hindi nila napapansin ang masmahahagang issues ngayon.

what do we expect from the TV program na hindi na nagbago. teleseryeng paulit-ulit. Si darnang halos yata nakalaban na ang lahat. huwag ka ang binebenta lang nman nila ay yong nakabikining si Darna.