Friday, April 08, 2011

Shut-up and Shutdown

Dear insansapinas,
We are already in the second quarter of the year 2011. This is the income tax season, the audit season and the season of Walang Tulugan for us accountants.

We are already in the second quarter of the year 2011 and Ian de Leon is saying that his mother is coming on the first quarter of the year. Huh?

We are already in the second quarter of the year 2011 and I came across that DYKWIA syndrome again.
Do-you-know-who-i-am, silly. This time, it is not a Filipino but a US basketball player, Allen Iverson; one of the favorites of my tsikiting gubat that he asked for a pair of shoes endorsed by the player. Nabutas ang aking bulsa. When his car, a Lamborghini was towed by the police, he told them that he has 10 of them. Yabang noh? 

We are already in the second quarter of the year 2011 and yet the White House and the lawmakers  have not come up yet with the deal in the federal budget. Only a few hours are left before the Government Shut Down. OO, Virginia, na katabi ng Washington DC at Maryland, magsasara ang mga non-essential government agencies where employees will be furloughed. The sad thing about it is that some of them will not receive their salaries when the government reopens.Pero yong Congress staff tatangapin nila ang kanilang sweldo. Talking about life is being fair/unfair. 

Sino ang affected? When I was working in one of the biggest tax firms in the US, we filed the ITR electronically so that taxpayers would be getting their refunds right there and then. The undocumented people also file their ITRs (some have multiple TANs Tax account number, silly so don't say TAN Number or TIN number or VIN number) but not electronically. They have to bring the paper ITRs to the capitol (in California, it was in the office of Arnold Schwars whatever in Sacramento). When the government shuts down, the filing of ITR electronically which deadline is on April 18 is not suspended but paper ITRs will not be processed. 

The checks of the soldiers deployed in the Middle East will be delayed (baka buntis)but the Social Security pension checks will be sent as usual. Walang pakialam ang budget sa SSA. (Naihiwalay na ito sa government operation). Postal services will continue. Government websites will not be updated. 

One Facebooker in DC wrote that in case his trash is not collected, he will bring it to the house of Boehner.

And as usual, this is all because of politics. 



Anonymous said...

hay...sumakit ang ulo ko... diba pwedeng ipakulam nalang ang mga yan jejeje

cathy said...

iboboto mo tapos pahihirapan ka. kumuha ka nga ng malaking karayom at matusok.