Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tainted Golden Voice

 Dear insansapinas,
image of panhandler from the web

I was in the hospital when I saw the news about TED WILLIAMS, the homeless with the Golden Voice. I did not write about him simply because I did not believe that he is already sober and is no longer indulge in drugs. I was WRONG --NOT.

 Tainted Golden Voice

Ted Williams, the homeless "golden voice" internet sensation, voluntarily checked into substance abuse rehab for his alcohol and drug dependency after admitting on a television show that he was still drinking, a spokeswoman for "The Dr. Phil Show" said Wednesday.
 Having worked with a non-profit that feeds the homeless, provides them with free clinic, job training and shelter, I know for a fact that those people panhandling in the streets are begging for money to support their drug  habits. 

The City provides 80 per cent of the cost of the soup kitchen while the organization  dips to the pockets of the rich philantrophists for the remaining overhead.Yes, Virginia, the city feeds the hungry thru the charitable organizations which deliver the food program to  the marginalized  so that they can concentrate more on other government services.

With soup kitchens in almost every block and operating from early morning for breakfasts; some serve lunches and others distribute  early packed dinner, the homeless need not work to eat. All they do is join the line of the hungry.

So why are they panhandling?  For their drug habits and alcoholic dependency. All their tool is a cardboard, copy a verse from the Bible, (most of the time, they said they had fallen for hard times)
stand by the end of an island in the traffic lights where drivers stop for red lights. They knock on  windows...ask for a dollar or for bigger bill (no they do not accept coins like a soda machine ). Then they run to the convenience store to buy alcoholic drinks or get some drug fix which are available in the streets if you know how to spot the pushers. ( naah, they do not push carts). When offices or stores close, the homeless declare their territoriality by putting a lot of cardboards (this time bigger) at its entrances for their night bed.

Early morning, police awake them or put them in jail for vagrancy and the Environmental people hose down the stinks they leave behind with lots of lysol.

Kaya ako hindi naawa sa mga nagpapalimos na yan. Mas malaki pa ang kinikita nila sa mga hardworking illegals na nagpapick-up din for a day's job para lang mabuhay.

According to my office mate, there was one client who was a high profile writer. He had made bad decisions  and had suffered depression. Although he frequented the soup kitchens, he did not panhandle. All he did was to sleep in the the sidewalks or in  shelters (many churches provide for night shelters for homeless especially during winter) and read a lot of pocket books. A colleague spotted him and helped him to go back to his old self.


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