Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union, State of the Onion and State Crime

Dear insansapinas,

State of the Union 
Naah, I did not watch the President delivered the State of the Union Address. It was aired at the same time with one of my favorite TV series, White Collar. 

State of Onion

I also started reading a mystery novel, State of the Onion where the main character is the executive chef of the White House. It is fiction of course but the name of the chef was either that of a Filipino or Hispanic but no ethnicity was mentioned. The height of 5'2 and the olive skin could point out that she is not a Caucasian.
Other than  she was the first woman to be appointed chef, there was no more similarity with the current Fil-am executive  chef. 

What I was interested in was how the author described the preparations, the kitchen staff make when there are state dinners; events sponsored by the White House and the regular meals cooked for the First Family.

At the end of the novel, there were recipes printed for the food lovers to try in their own kitchen.

The first novel that I read by the Author was entitled Eggscutive Orders. It was about a special agent who died while eating dinner prepared by the Chef and her staff. O di va intriguing?

The novel that I am reading right now is about a suspected assassin who excaped the rain of bullets from the security but not with the chef's heavy frying pan which she bought as a gift for the retiring chef. After series of encounters with the assassin, the diminutive chef became the target of a person who is suspected to be in the White House as rouge agent. Hindi ko pa tapos. Hindi ko pa nahuhulaan kung sino ang killer.

It is fiction just like an episode in one of my favorite spy and mystery thrillers where a dictator was toppled by using the internet. After watching it, I said, it is impossible to happen.

Tapos biglang nangyari sa Tunisia.

The bomb which is detonated through cell phone is nothing new to the spy thriller, Burn Notice. The series will even teach you how.

State Crime

When someone from the Palace said that the explosion in the bus was caused by mechanical or electrical problems, I thought of the movie Speed which starred and launched Keannu Reeves and Sandra Bullock to stardom.

Hindi pa ako nakarinig na sumabog na sasakyan dahil may problema sa engine. Kahit na ang Volkswagen ko noon na hindi tinutubigan, umusok lang ng nagoverheat. May dumaan nga binibigyan ako ng bottled water.  

The PNP claimed that the crime rate decreased by 41 per cent.  Kumapara sa anong taon? Dahil noong 2009 mat report silang tumaas ng 67 per cent ang crime rate. I am not even interested in the average rate. Gusto kong makita kung aling klaseng crime ang nabawasan at alin ang matindi pa rin. 


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