Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Bad Blogger, Bad PR Firm and other BBs in the Blogosphere

 Dear insansapinas,
Kevlar -check
Umbrella- check
Helmet - check

Sinisigurado ko lang na protected ako. 

Big Bad Bloggers

Sabi ko okay ang magpromote ng product or services sa blog as long as mayroong disclosure or disclaimer policy. I LIED when I read  the LIES in some disclosures made by Big Bad Bloggers (take note with S).
The disclosures stated that they do not receive freebies  but some bloggers I know sworn in secrecy that these bloggers are receiving  big fat envelopes and that the going price is upped now from 5,000 to 8,000 for  a good review. But one blog  claimed that together with other bloggers, they pioneered  in  food blogging in the Philippine blogosphere (WHEN HIS BLOG DOES NOT EVEN CONTAIN ONE RECIPE, what  made them gourmets, I wonder) years after  Sassy Lawyer was already attracting million readers for her food recipes since 2003. ARGHHH sinungaling siya. 

How did I know. Because dahleengs, I conducted a research about bloggers in 2005 which I published in 2006.
The title was Profiles of the Technorati's PhilippinesTop 100 blogs where I was number one in the Humor category and number 12 in the all categories. AHEM. Yes, Virginia, while some bloggers blog for food, I BLOG TO BRAG. mwehehehe. And these bloggers were not even in the radar yet.

The research was a follow-up of the survey I made about the Profile of Pinoy Bloggers in 2004 and published in early part of 2005,    Journey to Diaryland Part 1, Journey to Diaryland Part 2, Journey to Diaryland Part 3.

This study showed that blogging did not start when the high profile bloggers (feeling nila) started their blogs.

When I learned about the practices of some bloggers buying hits or exchanging links for traffic purposes, I backed off from the traffic race. Then came another practice by the so-called elite bloggers. They would not link you when your page rank is below 4. Mine was five then but I never joined this elitism introduced by the newbies.Remember, I blog because I want to brag. I can draw traffic with my content kahit paloko lang. 

Then the bloggers started  making monies though they deny that they're paid hacks, Ano sila charitable institution para gumastos ng kanilang pera para umattend ng mga events at bisitahin din ang iba.t ibang restos at travel spots ?
When they left their dayjobs or they do not have 9 to 5 jobs to speak of,  to become professional blogger, they want us to believe that they are rich enough to support this lifestyle of eating, dining and traveling without monetary compensation. Paano nila binubuhay ang kanilang family na kulang na lang pati pusa magblog. Haah.

Big Bad PR Firm

I was approached by (actually e-mailed) one PR firm based in the Philippines to join as endorsers of the products they are going to assign. I declined. 
They're paying in pesos which when I converted to dollars, barya lang ang tatanggapin ko. Besides, I do not want to be pressured to blog, lalo na ng products na hindi ako bilib. So when you read something about the disclaimer that the compensation received does not influence the blogger on his /her opinion about a product, he or she is lying. 

I saw the names of the founders of the media outfit. I even e-mailed one popular blogger to verify if she was in the group. I was ignored. Tseh.

Another Philippine-based PR firm offered the same money-making sponsored post. I declined.

I do not say that these firms are into extortion business. If they are making money, why operate a Mafia-like PR? 

But when a fellow blogger told me that his friend is making thousands of dollars (DOLLARS ang pinag-uusapan, biglang nagcashing ang built-in cash register sa utak ko) a month for their sponsored posts. I did give it a try to find out if the claim was valid. So if you noticed one time  that I had a disclaimer in my blogs, I joined the money-making activity of the bloggers. OO Birhinya, nagkasala rin po ako. Pero hindi ako nakatagal.  Kahit hindi naman kailangang positive reviews ang kailangan,  basta lang maisulat yong produkto di ko pa rin masikmura. And I found out that the claim was also preposterous. Kahit na araw-arawin ko ang pagpost, hindi ako makakabili ng Porsche kahit pro-poor-sche ako. Ngeek. 

Other BBs in the Bloggosphere
Basahin na lang ninyo dito.


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