Monday, January 31, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

I want to watch the latest movie of Matt Damon, Hereafter. He portrayed the character of a reluctant person with gift of communicating with the spirit. Ahem.

These days, my world is upside down. I am awake almost the whole night (thus I can read novels again) and sleepy the whole day.

Last night, I fell asleep while reading, just for 45 minutes. I dreamed of my friend who died of prostate cancer. He was the one I had a pact with that if any one of us dies, the deceased will visit the living one. That was after we watched the movie GHOST starring Whoopee Goldberg, the late Patrick Swayze who died of cancer in 2009 and Demi Moore.

He made good his promise which I blogged under paranormal stories. In my dream last night, he visited me. He was eating and he asked for more. I gave him fish.

This morning, I chanced to click a channel where the movie GHOST was being shown. I fell sleepy while watching. Before I can snooze, I felt the chest pain. Should I call 911? Naah. Kung mamatay, mamatay.

 Suddenly, I heard a whisper. Rise and drink water, slowly. I did.
The phone rang. It was my friend, the nurse. We talked and I forgot about the chest pain.

Some message?



Anonymous said...

nice blog Mam Kat. daily visitor nyo po ako. i learned a lot from your blog. from legal to medical hanggang projects sa school ng aking mga kids.GOD BLESS po.

cathy said...

thank you.