Monday, January 18, 2010

When People Lie

Dear insansapinas,
photocredit: PHILSTAR

I do not know Ebarle, Jr. personally but I know Nestor Ponce, Jr., the soft-spoken undersecretary who was also a victim of  Jason Ivler more than two years ago. The case is still pending in the court. 

The mother of Jason wove a lot of stories about his son being targeted by killers, blah blah so she let her escape via the back door of the Philippines when he was apprehended. 

I did not even have an update about the case.I thought that because his stepfather enjoyed diplomatic immunity and his mother projected an intellectual image with lots of books authored, he can get away from the crime he was accused of.

Then came the case of Ebarle, Jr. who was gunned down during road rage by the same person who appeared to be pampered and overprotected by the mother, Marlene Aguilar, the sister of Freddie Aguilar and the wife of an official of a foreign agency.

She  LIED that her son is already in Hawaii at susuko lang sa Diyos. She even floated the idea that her son is being persecuted because of her books.DUH. 

She claimed that it is her love for her son which made her  acted blindly in defending her son.

Many people do not even know that she has authored books. I do not know to some because I read only paperback and showbiz magazine.

Marlene Aguilar is protecting his son who snapped the life of a father of young children of Nestor Ponce and the young son of USEC Ebarle Sr.

Kris Lied too

When James left the house last December, Kris claimed that she was just depressed because of her mother's death.

Now the real reason why James left is because of argument of the busy schedule of Kris Aquino. 

The way Kris Aquino makes pronuncements about her decisions i.e. selling the house, allowing her little Son to join showbiz at a very young age with mentioning what James think  makes me ponder whether she was really serious in making her marriage work.

In marriage, "I" does not work; it is "WE" that should be used, because if it is business, marriage  is a conjugal partnership.



Twilight Zone said...

tama ka dyan mam, dapat "WE" at hindi "I" lang.
eto kasing si kris e my superiority complex, lahat puro sya sya sya nalang e kahit naman si noynoy inaander din nya diba?
alam din naman nya na my fiancee si james at 2 ang anak nya dun(nabasa kolang) so dapat e nakaready sya na kung
iyon ngang my anak sya na 2 e nagawa nyang lokohin,diba nya naisip na darating ang time na sya naman ang lolokohin?
once a cheater always a cheater.

cathy said...

khit na mas mataas ang kinikita niya dapat bigyan din niya ng paggalang ang asawa niya na sabihing, decision nila ni James ang ibenta ang bahay para makatulong kay noynoy.

kaya nga yong pag-alis nila sa bahay, nakatakda na yan dahil ipinagbili na nga nila. Hindi naman dahil totoo talagang gusto niya ng space.

Lee said...

madali naman sa kanya kung space lang talaga ang gusto nya e...
at bagay na bagay sa kanya sa outer space,sigurado dun makakapagisa syat makakapagisip ng husto dahil walang iistorbo sa kanya dun jejeje.
pano nga kaya
mam no? my kakatok tapos sasabihin mo, "leave me aloooone"...
sa outer space kaya my ganun?

cathy said...

dapat ganito ang sabi niya. Usog nga diyan. I wat more space.

Lee said...

nyahahahahahahha mas nakakatawa yan mam hahahahahahaha