Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fake Friends for Sale and Ghost Followers

Dear insansapinas,

In the privacy of our e-mail discussion about the mother who counted more than five thousand friends in her social networking sites and informed her "friends" half an hour after her young son drowned in the family pool and few minutes in between her last twitting before the tragedy happened, I felt that it was kind of weird. Some of these friends reprimanded her for giving priority to the updating of her site than grieving for the dead son.  Others justified her excuse of being alone  to spend most of her waking hours in the social sites to meet people. Lest I will be accused of it-is-true-to-me-and-therefore-it-should-be-true-to-everybody, there was a time when I hardly touched my pc at home when a relationship went sour and a friend who I met in the internet died . The pc in the office was tweaked  for the use in  the accounting transactions only.

Some people have a tendency to treat the people that linked them as their "fans" and therefore it gave them the I-am-bound-to-update -my-FOLLOWERS-to-inform-them-of-my-current-status-so-what-if-it-is-just-about-the-little-sandwich-I-ate-for-breakfast feeling. Methinks that it  gives them  a false sense of popularity just like those bloggers who regarded themselves as political analysts after writing  a few articles about politics.

Lately, there were comparisons of the number of friends of the presidential candidates in their Facebook account-- trying to impress the image that those with more friends have a bigger chance of winning in the election.

Not many knew that just like traffic in the websites or blogs, virtual friends  can be bought  from enterprising internet savvy people. An Australian company is offering 1000 friends in the Facebook and Twitter account for 125 pounds.

Leon Hill, its 24-year-old chief executive, reported a surge of inquiries about his service over Christmas.
He told The Sun: "Social networking sites can be cruel if you're unloved – they show exactly how popular you are.
"People are buying pals so they have more mates to chat to, rather than sitting alone on their PCs.
 Fake friends anyone?



Twilight Zone said...

nakasingit ako

125 sa 1000 friends?cheap naman...
ang hirap yata nun 1000 tapos 125 lang mapapala mo jejeje,
thanx but no thanx di po kami cheap, hermes po ang gusto naming bag at di basket unless pupunta kami ng picnic.
sabi ko nga new yrs resolution ko bawas online muna,
bawas lang kako pero di totally walang online,gusto nyong mamatay na ko?
nice to read ur post again mam cat,missed you huh!

Twilight Zone said...

imaginin mo nalang, sa twitter, lahat ng mga pangyayari sa buhay nila every minute e naka tweet,
buti kung yung kapitbahay mo
chinichismis mo e sarili mo na chinichismis mo nyahaha.
kahit nasa subway gamit b.berry nila pag tweet at pag email,
never ko ginawa yun(kasi di naman pwede lagyan ng proxy yung phone ko waaaa)

Twilight Zone said...

isipin mo nalang na "friends for sale" nyak,yun ngang anak ko e dun sa friendster nya dati ang daming naka add na frend, kaibigan mo ba kakong lahat yun? hindi raw,di raw nya kilala yung iba,e bat kako naka add sayo,sagot e ewan daw nya.
kaya siguro
dina ko inadd dun sa FB nya kasi
mausisa ako nyehehe,actually
madalas nga e kahit naiinis ako dun sa mga frends nyat
mga post e pinipigil
ko sarili kot baka idelete ako hahahaha.

cathy said...

hoy, kumusta ang rehab. umeepekto bs?

di natin kailangan ang followers. pumunta lang tayo sa mental,mtsrsmi na tayong followers. mwahahaha.

firsy installment kanina ang pagbawas sa akin. pasaway ps sko. hehehe

rally vincent said...

kahit piso e di ako papabili kasi priceless ako...LOL.

pero i can give myself for free who wants me to become their friend...

woooooooohhhh...parang sabog lang..nyahahah...

Parekoy! tawa ako ng tawa dun sa bra game natin. Hahhahaha.

pasensya na kung ngayon lang nakadalaw ulet madam. lubog ako sa test papers nitong nakaraang araw. phew.

cathy said...

alam ko. ang aking mga nephews at nieces ay busy sa pagrereview. tenks pagdalaw.

cathy said...

it goes to show maraming ususera at ususero. hehehe