Thursday, January 28, 2010

Children on the Run -Angels and Demons

 Dear  insansapinas,

Calamities bring forth angels and demons. Angels are the people who ignore the risks to help save people. They are also called heroes. The demons are those who take advantage of the helpless victims. The crooks.

You must be familiar with that scene in the Slumdog Millionaire where the two orphaned boys; Salim anf Jamal were awakened by two men who offered them ice-cold soft drinks to quench their thirst in that sweltering day in a landfill in India.

The two boys thought they were angels sent from heaven. There were other young children in the place where they were brought to be fed and clothed. It was too late when they discovered that these men run a syndicate of young beggars who roamed the streets of India. Parang Pinas?


Mia Pean's heart sank last week when she saw the Toyota pickup truck cruising the debris-cluttered streets of Léogâne, ground zero for the earthquake that has devastated Haiti. Each time the driver saw a child — especially a young teen — he would stick his head out of the window and shout, "Manje, manje," Creole for "eat." Pean says she watched the hungry kids, four or five at a time, hop into the back of the pickup, which then disappeared. "I saw the same man again a few days later in Carrefour," a poor suburb of Port-au-Prince, says Pean. "I asked him, 'What are you doing with all those children?' He said, 'Don't worry, we're going to put them in safe homes.' Then he drove off."
This is a scene not from a movie nor an excerpt from a novel. This is the real danger faced by  orphans in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. In search for food they  become victims of child traffickers. They are not made to beg in the streets. Many of them become RESTAVEK.

Restaveks are modern slaves of affluent families living in Haiti and abroad even in the United States.  The children who become restaveks are at the mercy of the people who bought them from child traffickers or from poor parents who sold them because of poverty. Some become sex slaves of the male members of the family. Most of them are physically abused.

Ito ang pagkakataon na gusto mong mabarbecue ng mga demons na ito  na sa kagustuhang makapagsuot ng magagarang damit, magkaroon ng magagandang bahay, ipinagbibili ang kapwa nila.



biyay said...

kahit saan ka man talaga magpunta, may mga tao pa ring nagte-take advantage sa kahinaan ng kapwa nila, kahit sa gitna ng malaking pinsala. ang mas nakakapanghina, yung mga taong may pinag-aralan, yun pa din ang manggugulang sa kapwa nila. ilang balita na ba ang pinakita sa tv o nadinig sa radyo na kung saan may road accident, yung mga tao, imbes na tumulong, nininakawan pa ang biktima?

cathy said...

totoo yan. around the world ang mga demonyong yan ay nagkalat.

ang iba ay di naniniwala sa impyerno eh ano kaya ang mga ito?

rally vincent said...

This is the reality of life. Minsan gusto ko maging death angel para ako na ang kakatay sa mga demonyong nag-aanyong tao.

*Constantine mode*

cathy said...

minsan ganyan din ang naiisip ko. yon bang super hero ako at isa isa ko silang pinadadala sa impyerno sa pamamagitan ng mga sandatang gamit ni Ironman.