Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sherlock Holmes, Marlene Aguilar and the Butasang Pambansa People

Dear insansapinas,

I am watching the Sherlock Holmes DVD tapes. Not the movie, Virginia but TV series decades ago. I like the logic used by Holmes in solving the crime.

If Holmes were alive today, I am imagining his face with the dazed look and an expression of HUH? if he encounters:
1. Marlene Aguilar who believed that someone's after her life and her son's because of her writings... she admitted the strange relationship with his son (his first sex experience included).
via: RestyO's Marlene's script devolving from bad to worst.

She then talked about her “strange relationship” with her son.

“You should ask my husband about Jason and I maybe it will give you a different perspective because Jason and I are in a very strange relationship, we're very honest with each other, there is nothing I cannot discuss with Jason, he told me when he had sex for the first time, he told me when he had beer. I am his confidante.”

In one interview, she said that it was the song that his brother Freddie sang which freed us from martial law...

Now she's saying that:

It is my fate... it was foretold by Buddhists, that I will do something to free my people.”

Bizarre? Wait 'till you read this:

She plugged her singing stint in Hobbit House. Blag.

A show biz gabfest co-host, declaring that he had been friends with Marlene for seven years, emerged disoriented after interviewing her. “Nagkawindang-windang” was how he described the session.

That interview, in fact, ended on a most surreal note— Marlene plugging a singing gig at the folk music club Hobbit House.

According to Freddie Aguilar, it is okay to sing just for friends...

“Ewan ko nga ba bakit niya ginagawa ’yan,” said singer-songwriter Freddie Aguilar—Marlene’s eldest brother—when Inquirer Entertainment asked what motivated his sister’s foray onto the performance stage.

2. The Senators of Butasang Pambansa -What role models?

Parang noong elementary kami sa klase pag wala ang titser.

Kaniya-kaniyang tawagan ng pangalan.

During Monday’s session:

1. Sen. Jamby Madrigal called Villar a coward and branded his senator allies as the “Villar Express” or a “choo-choo train of lawyers.”

2. Pimentel  branded Madrigal an abused child.

3. Cayetano called Madrigal "saling pusa. " ARAY.

4.Pimentel, for his part, said he found no reason to apologize to Roxas over his “insertion” statements.
In what could be regarded as the lowest point of the heated session, Pimentel replied: "Well, I'm sure that after your marriage you've had some insertions."

5. Miriam Santiago WALKED OUT.



biyay said...

more and more I am liking miriam. buang man o hindi, parang mas may sense pa sya kesa ibang senador. pag ganyan ang asal ng mga senador mo, sino ba naman ang gugusto na gawing parliamentary system ang pilipinas? dapat pa nga, i-dissolve na lang ang congress.

cathy said...

could not believe na para silang bata anoh?

sa Taiwan parliament, sapakan, buntalan at sipaan. Dito naman insultuhan.

Tawa ako sa tawag kay Jamby, saling pusa.

Si Pimentel tinawag siyang abused child.

rally vincent said...

Tama lang yung ginawa ni Miriam. E kasi naman kakasura naman ang mga kasama nya dyan.

Lalo na si Pimentel. Tumatandang paurong. Buset. Hmpt.

cathy said...

may kabastusan nga anoh. Wala naman sila sa beerhouse o sa kanto para magpasaring ng ganoon?

biyay said...

tapos tatawagin silang honorable? baka naman horrorable.

much as I don't like Jamboy, hindi naman dapat tinawag ni tanda ng ganun. or kahit mag-infer na abused child si jamby.

cathy said...

sng hirap magdivulge ng mga family secrets anoh?

Minsan nagiging emo ang mga senador na ito to protect their colleagues or to put someone down.

cathy said...

sng hirap magdivulge ng mga family secrets anoh?

Minsan nagiging emo ang mga senador na ito to protect their colleagues or to put someone down.