Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Paper Dolls that made me cry

Dear insansapinas,

I do not know what channel was it but the one that made me paused and watched was the familiar faces. They are not familiar because i know them. They're familiar because they look like Filipinos. I was right.

Paper Dolls is about transgendered Filipinos who worked in Israel and London as caregivers. It's a public knowledge that these people are very creative.So during their spare time, they produced a show called Paper Dolls. What I appreciated in the film was the focus on how these caregivers were liked by their old patients and how despite their budget constraints, they still sent money to their family. It shows reality.

I have not watched a single episode of Desperate Housewives. Not my type. I prefer watching CSI, Law and Order nad Ugly Betty. The latter is about a Mexican family whose father was an illegal immigrant and the daughter teaching his boss some family values that the rich and famous are wanting.

In Desperate Housewives, it was noted by some viewers that Teri Hatcher mouthed a racial slur against Philippine Medical School graduates.

Teri is just an actress. Whatever she has said was based on the script. So who's the culprit? Some writers who may have beef against Filipinos? or he is completely clueless that OB/GYNE practitioners in the States are not all doctors. They are NURSE practitioners. At least in the Philippines, they are really Obstetricians and gynecologists.

What the writer did not know that before a professional who has to take a US exam or a residency before he can practice in the US, there is a verification of credentials which is done directly to the university that issued the diploma and Professional Regulation Commission that issued the license.


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