Saturday, November 10, 2007

That's Entertainment in the Airplane

Dear insansapinas,

You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.

Time for entertainment. A big screen was at the center of the cabin unlike these days when some jets have small screens at the back of the seats that you can watch whatever you like. Just pray that the guy seated in your front does not recline the chair.

For that airline, the earphones were free. A lady who must be used to carriers which charged extra, refused when offered these ear contraptions. The audio of the movie was muted for the sake of passengers who aren't going to watch.

Some preferred to listen to their favorite music from the different radio channels.

I saw one passenger. He got an earphone and it looked like he was swaying to a bouncy music.
With fingers snapping and all. The end of the earphone was not plugged at the armrest. Oooops.

The screen was blazing with action that most of the passengers were awake. It was mystery and suspense. Kulang na lang may sumigaw ng dali takbo na, ayan na...Kung meron noon, tatayo ako at sasampal-sampalin ko para tumahimik. Haah!!!

But this was just in my thought balloon. I could not do it. I could not even grab the hair of this pesky little girl who kept on running back and forth in the aisle--- shake her,threaten her that I am going to gag her, tie her up in her seat if she will not stop. I am missing all the actions in the movie. But all these evil schemes were just in my thought balloon which was about to burst.

Trust the mother's instincts. The girl's mother must have sensed of my "evil thought" towards her daughter.She grabbed her daughter the moment she run to her direction; gave her something to make her settle down. Then she glanced at me. It was not an apologetic look. It was more of "you just dare, dude to hurt my daughter".

How did she read my mind? Got to prick that thought ballon. It must have become visible to others to read. Whew!

With the little girl gone, I thought I could watch the movie in peace.

A stewardess' butt blocked the view. The two passengers in the seats next to me were complaining. By the time the issue was settled, the sign THE END was streaming down the screen. Waaah.

I did not even get to know who the killer was.

When I was a kid and watched movies with the adult members of the family, I would often hear the shout "Soli bayad." That was when the audience felt they were shortchanged when the movie abruptlyl stopped due to technical glitch or the next roll of film did not come on time becausethe runner who shuttled back and forth between movie houses was stalled somewhere taking a break. I mentally shouted, Soli bayad.

I did not want to wait for the next screening. I wanted to sleep just like my seatmates who were already alternately producing snoring sounds.

I could make use of the earphones. So I closed my eyes and snored too. I wonder if we produced rythmic sounds. Mine could be alto.



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