Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Appointment that is disappointing

Dear insansapinas,

I felt exhausted after going to the doctor's office that I was in bed at eight. It was more tiring to wait than being examined and or treated. The receptionists could not find the documents that I was supposed to pick up. They asked me who called and left the message.
I said, it is a number of the clinic which doesn't accept return calls. So they made me wait. I thought they were tracing the call and looking for that document that I have to pick up. I waited for more than an hour. Then I approached receptionist 1. She said, there's none that she found. She suggested that I asked another department. Why did she wait for me to ask her? I was seated near her desk and she could easily gestured by her hands that she found nothing. And she was about to leave for lunch break.

The receptionist in another department asked me to come back after an hour. When I came back, she was not ready yet. It was one medical asssistant who got my file and found the document that my doctor left for me. Sheesh.


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