Sunday, November 04, 2007


Dear insansapinas

This is the twenty sixth in the series of the Family Tree Project that I launched to leave basic life lessons and work ethics for my grandchildren who would never know how their grandmother, biological or adoptive lived before their birth or age of reason.

While other people could not wait to fly to the US even as a tourist, my working visa waited for me for months to use.

My mentor discouraged me from leaving the country. He told me about discrimination practices in the Land of Milk and Honey. I am lactose intolerant so I will just take the honey. :)

But I was depressed and I had one more semester to finish another doctorate in another university. Besides my employer already wrote if I am still interested of the position. Then I decided to go.

I had to give up my clients and when I did, I thought there was no turning back.

So I went to the US embassy for schedule of interview on the strength of the approved working visa of a petitioner.

Another CPA/applicant that I met in the agency where we were briefed how to answer
questions said that his application for the visa was disapproved. The consul asked him about depreciation and he failed to mention the depreciation method that was not discussed in any books in Accounting. I anticipated for some questions about my line of expertise.

When the date for interview came, I waited for them to ask me to come inside and face an interviewer. None. Instead, the lady handed me back my passport.(Today, the travel papers such as passport are delivered via couriers).

The first batch who claimed for their visa (working visa may be approved here in the States but the final decision rests on the local US embassy officers) told me that if the passport is returned without interview, it means it is turned down outright.

So I walked away from the embassy with the passport in my hand. I did not bother to look at it.

I went to the agency to tell them that I was disapproved. The old lady secretary asked for my passport while expressing her surprise why I was not even interviewed. Then she leafed the pages of the passport. And there it was visa laminated in my passport. Life lesson learned, ignore the bad news in pursuing a goal. Other people's experience may be different from yours.

Sabi niya, GAGA. hehehe. You're damned lucky that you were spared from interview. Siguro naman sa dami ng papel mo na ibinigay, they don't need to ask you questions to know if you are really qualified for the job. That's one thing I keep in mind. Be friendly to the receptionist and secretary. Some of them know better than their bosses. And some of them can just call you names without malicious intent. Muntik ko na siyang mahalikan.

So in a week time, I was able to arrange for my ticket, my luggage and the long to do lists for my family who will be left behind. The despedida was well attended especially by the faculty members who were surprised. Sabi nila, inis na inis yong traidor at yong mga conspirators.

Much as I do not want to leave my family, I could not also stay in a job where I was no longer happy. (after a year, the top official was removed from the position by the appointing body but using his political connections, he was reinstated until the university can no longer cover up for his corrupt practices).

Unlike in my previous job where I travelled light, that time, I had three suitcases--the ones that came as LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL . The large and medium were for my checked-ins while the small was for my handcarry which at that airline, an allowance of 150 lbs were allowed in the coach.

The airline ground personnel advised me to check-in the small suitcase and was charging me $ 150 dollars for excess baggage. Hmm, I thought something fishy going on. The policy as to luggage, clearly indicated the allowed weight and dimensions and mine was within the limit. But He said that he can just ignore the weight if I will give him an extra unreceipted $ 20.00. He further said that I might be pressured to check it in at the first stopover when we transfer to the connecting flight. Ano siya sinuswerte. I showed him the other stamps in my airport.It was not like I am fob and don't know how to travel. When you checked-in, the luggage will have the label stamped with your final destination, regardless of number of stopovers.

Besides, I had all the provisions in that carry-on, in case I will be stranded in one stopover due to airline carrier's engine trouble . I got my pj, my undies, another set of tops and slacks for quick change, shampoo and conditioner (I was loyal to my brand), papaya soap, herbal tea, aziete de manzanilla and choc-nuts. ( the latter two are padala). Marami ba yon? And also towel and slippers. Marami ba yon?

I was allowed by the supervisor to keep my handcarry.

I swore, I could have just paid the extra when I was walking at the Japan airport for the flight transfer. Laylay an balikat ko sa bigat kahit na may wheels ang suitcase. Waah.


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