Sunday, November 11, 2007

San Francisco Here I Come

Dear insansapinas,

If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.

It was the dawn of early March, March 8 to be exact, when we landed at the first destination--LAX. Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the US of A.

Many passengers disembarked in this airport that the cabin was left practically empty saved for some few who were foreigners that we picked up from Japan.

I looked out by the window hoping to see blond and blue eyed Americans--my first ever in their own territory. But of course I have met many, back in Angeles City where I grew up. Our neighbor was an American family who had children about our age--Deborah (pronounced as Debra) and little David who was curious why we ate grass when he saw the sweet potato leaves (talbos ng kamote) that my mother made into salad. We were growing them a lot at the backyard. Then during July 4th, we would go to Clark Air Base to eat ice cream and toured the facility for the whole day.

Except for the aircrafts and the baggage carriers, I saw no one.

I decided to move to the five-seater, raised the arm rests with a plan to stretch myself and sleep in a supine position.

A lady who must be over fifty and with a gold-draped fingers sat by my side.

She asked about my destination. I know she just wanted to break the ice. If I did not get off at LAX, then it must be the next stop which was San Francisco. Obvious ba?

She said that her all seatmates took off. I saw her seatmates on my way to the washroom. She looked like a movie star. The other one must be the mother.

According to the lady, the beautiful young lady is a mistress of a big time politician.

"Ow" I responded with matching brow raising and o-forming mouth expression.

"So she's one among those "satellite families". He's not only spreading his oats, he is also spreading his wealth." "And why is she here, vacationing or pregnant? I asked the lady whose name I did not bother to ask.

" Ah she's going to get married", was the short reply of the woman who did not give her name to me.

"Why? Did she break up with sugar daddy? She must be insane." I asked again the lady without asking who she is and what's her name.

" No. She's being banished because Mistress # 3 felt insecure. She's prettier and younger.",
said the lady. She was powdering her nose but I still do not know her name.

"Ow". Another O-forming mouth for me. If I were smoking , I could have puff out perfect circles.

“But why is she not in the business class?" curiously I asked with the hope that woman would tell me her name.

" They're flying incognito. The people in the business class knew her. She's here to get married." This time the lady without a name was reapplying lip color. So she's responding even without looking at me.

"Really?" This is my wide-eyed expression of disbelief. "who is he getting married to? " I was tempted to ask another question and that was what is her name.

"Ah, it is an arranged married to some US citizen guy. Expenses are all paid for including the house where she would be staying with her mother. That's her mother she's with."
Thinking she must have given a lot of information, she went back to her seat.

" Oh by the way? I did not get your name. Are you a celebrity columnist or something?"
Finally I asked.

" Ana. I am not a writer. I am the mother's friend."

The light "Fasten your seatbelt was on. San Francisco, here I come.


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