Thursday, March 03, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

CSI is no longer my favorite. It is now Criminal Minds. I want to become a profiler or an expert behavior analyst when I grow up. Kasi 5'2" lang po akoh.

My PTS yesterday was finished more than an hour earlier so I sat outside  the hospital's patient entrance to wait for my ride.

While waiting, I was also reading the novel Coffin Dancer where Lincoln Rhymes, the criminalist was reviewing the profile of the assassin. I decided to put myself in the shoes of Rhymes. Oops, I forgot, Rhymes is supposed to be quadriplegic.  I thought it was fun to profile the people who were coming and going the hospital.

First Unsub (Unknown Subject)-Old Sick Man
Male, Caucasian, age may be late 70's; was sitting in a wheelchair; hunched from the shoulders that the chin almost touched the chest; sick; weak and must be convalescing; checking out.

A man driving the old man's car got off from the driver's seat. Pushed the wheelchair to the left side of the car. The man must be a relative or a friend of the old man driving for him. He helped the old man
stand up. Someone got by and shielded the view from where I sat. The wheelchair was wheeled back by the man who drove the car. Where was the old man? Could not find him. 

The car started to move. The man I profiled to be sick and old was driving the car. 

Toinkkk. Ay mali. FAIL.

Second unsub- Daughter ?
Female, Caucasian, must be late 20's; wearing blue jeans and tight fitting blouse top and cashmere jacket.
Pushing the wheelchair of a man who's going to Cancer Center. Wife leading the two. The young lady failed to put the feet of the old man to the footrests of the wheelchair. When they stopped, she did not lock the wheelchair so it would not roll. Must be naive of the caregiver's practices of assisting patients on wheelchair.
Must be the daughter who was assisting the father and was emotionally affected by the father's condition.

Wrong again. The young woman was a clueless caregiver. Toinkk. FAIL.

Third unsub: Driver
Male, Caucasian, Must be 40 above. Driving the car which is the same as my ride.  He ignored me.
He must not have seen me. Parked in the next entrance--Emergency. 
Profile: He is the driver sent to pick me up. He's new or he does not know where to pick up patients of the hospital. You do not park at the emergency entrance. It has to be cleared for ambulance or police cars for 9-11 cases. 

So I went to where he was parked. He was inside inquiring about me. Of course, I am not there. I did not come 
as emergency case. In fact, another driver from the same company drove me there late morning.
He came out. He nagged me why he could not find me. I could not understand him. He was talking gibberish. He spoke little English and therefore could not also understand instructions. 

This time, I got it right. Kung hindi iiwanan niya ako. 


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