Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Talks

Dear insansapinas,
This video was uploaded by the mother of the twin boys. She just loves to share to the public about her children's antics. No child abuse. No CHR Probe please. hehehe

I got twin brothers who are older than I am so I can't really share with you how they communicated with each other when they were young. When they got older, they talked but you can not hear their voices. They are like totally absorbed to what they're discussing. 

My own tsikiting gubat had a language of his own when he was a toddler. I did not baby talk him.
He called the ants (langgam). blam blam. short for langgam and blag, the sound of a folded newspaper or magazine used by his yaya to kill the ants.

Let's make out what these twin boys are talking about.

Here is my suggested conversation.

Twin 1. I told you there is a monster in the washing machine of mom.
Twin 2. I do not believe you.
Twin 1. Look, I can't find the other sock for my right foot.
Twin 2. Oh grown-ups. They must have used your sock as coffee filter.
Twin 1. Ha ha ha . Still I believe that there is a monster in the washing machine.
Twin 2. But why does it grab only one of the pair?
Twin 1. Don't know. Maybe he has children like you who wears different socks.
Twin 2. Ha ha ha, Come on. That's a lot of nonsense.
Twin 1. Why don't we take a look?
Twin 2. I rather not. Besides, mom is watching us.
Twin 1. Don't mind mom. She does not understand what we are talking about.
Twin 2. Hohohohohoho


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Anonymous said...

hayz,kahit anung video diko maopen talaga.