Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hudas not pay

Dear insansapinas,
This news is a bit old but because yesterday was Ash Wednesday which is a start of the Lenten Season, I decided to write something about betrayal and overseas Filipinos.

It is easy for some to advice other people to avoid being stressed. These are people who have never worked in their life time. Their world revolves within their families, their church which are often than not preach the
give-your-left-check-when-they-make-sampal to your right and their communities which comprised of people who believe that smiles are accessories to their faces when they leave their homes.

In the workplace aside from politics, egoistic superiors, there are also instances when the Lenten season is repeatedly played by Judases who are willing to sell their colleagues for higher positions or higher salaries.

But not this Filipino nurse who refused an offer from management in exchange to change his position.
SAN FRANCISCO – Filipino nurse Ron Villanueva said nothing can keep him from telling the truth against his employer, the California Medical Pacific Center or CPMC.
Villanueva, along with two other nurse managers, accused CPMC of discriminating against Filipino applicants, citing in sworn statements that they were told by management not to hire Filipinos because their accent is hard to understand.
Last year, the California Nurses Association, a union which has an ongoing contract dispute with CPMC, filed a class action grievance against the hospital chain.
Villanueva revealed that CPMC CEO Dr. Warren Browner recently met with him, with a proposal, saying, “He actually asked me — ‘Is there anything we can do to change your perception?’ I said no.”
Then came the offer, Villanueva said. He revealed, “He asked me if I was still interested in a management position. I said yes…but not with CPMC.”
He said the meeting did not change his position, that CPMC discriminates against Filipinos. Villlanueva said, “I have to be truthful. That’s the way I want to move forward with it.”
The Filipino Community Center, which supports Villanueva, said this can easily be construed as an attempt to buy off Villanueva with a management position.
CPMC spokesperson Kevin McCormack denied this saying Browner met with Villanueva in good faith.
McCormack added that Browner would never try to buy off Villanueva’s silence, saying, “He has high ethical standards. He’s not going to go in there and offer him a job as some kind of a bribe — and get him to change his story. 
I like to discuss two issues in relation to this news.

1. Being Judas Escariot- I had been betrayed several times by co-employees but at the end of the day, these people were either fired or demoted once the management was through with them. Karma?

 Not necessarily. When you get the position not because of qualification or exemplary performance, you are no longer useful
when they have eliminated their adversaries disliked people in the company.

2. Discrimination- I like to believe that the management is being insecure for employing more Filipino nurses. There was a convalescent hospital in San Fran where 90 per cent were Filipino nurses and caregivers. The only local nurse was the Charge nurse whose shift can easily be sabotaged by the nurses because of their number.

With regards the accent of Filipino nurses, the nurses themselves have to do something about learning the accent and the language of the workplace. I read one comment in a tabloid where Charice is being chastised by readers because she was talking now with American accent. BUT THAT SHOULD  BE THE CASE TOO WITH THE NURSES. Instead of watching teleserye, the newcomers should watch
American programs where they can pick up an accent or two daily.

Talking with the correct accent does not diminish someone's patriotism to one's country. It helps you survive assimilate. Then pag-uwi mo, kausapin mo ng Tagalog ang aso mo na breed na dito. Huwag kang hihinto hanggang di siya natutong magsalita ng iyong dialect.




Anonymous said...

tunay ka dyan mam, karma nalang dun sa mga taong maangat lang e mang aapak ng iba.
maraming ganyan mam.
hirap na hirap ako magcomment at magopen ng sites,grabe super bagal ng net.

cathy said...

habulin. aabutin mo yan sa bagal. nasanay nga ako dito na mabilis ang internet. pag-uwi ko ng pinas, pwede pa akong makipagtsismisan bago ako maconnect.

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