Monday, March 14, 2011

Can psychics predict earthquakes?

Dear insansapinas,

I woke up today with a message from a fellow blogger if ever I had the premonition about  the earthquake in Japan because he said he did. 

Since I was diagnosed with C last 2007, I completely turned off my radar. So it means I am operating 7 out of 10 brain cells of my psychic bandwidth. BUT, when you have it, no matter what you do to suppress this instant message from the other realm, it still can come, like the internet, it could come  back door and in my case, it comes in my dream.

But before I discuss my latest dream that kept me awake last Thursday (see my blog in Friday) let me tell you what the "sensitive people" feel when there is going to be a calamity like earthquake. First, there is the unexplainable fear of the earthquake. It seems you feel like there is an earthquake when there is none. Para bang naramdaman mo ba? Ang alin? Ang earthquake? Anong earthquake?

When the earthquake in early 1990's happened, a week before, (my radar was still on), I had this irrational fear of going out. I felt that something was going to happen. I run out of excuses of not coming out so I met my friend in her office where she had several visitors from other countries. That was 12th floor. Then earthquake struck. I tell you, no matter what religion you got or you are a professed atheist, the first that you will call is GOD. 

So no one can predict earthquake; not even the scientists with the most advanced technology and the people with psychic abilities can not just tell the people, to keep safe because an earthquake is coming or else he/she will be lynched for sowing fear. For people who make money for having the gift of vision, it is a blessing. For people who chose not to become rich by using the "gift" for money-making, it is a curse. Besides a vision is only a vision which remains to be interpreted. Oftentimes, there were other interpretations or meaning given to it. So a person with the "gift"  just keeps it to himself/herself and worry what is that uncanny feeling that won't go away . Then the EARTHQUAKE strikes and he realized that was his fear all about.

For several nights until last Thursday, I had been dreaming of water. The ocean. One dream was about me riding on a boat which was going to that part of the ocean where water had completely receded.

One interpretation of that kind of dream is travel. Me, travel? Malayo. Then, there was a dream of people queueing. I do not want to join. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang pinipilahan nila. All around was devastation.  Besides hindi sila mga Pinoys. When I woke up, I thought, it is a premonition of my coming terms to my mortality, nakapila sa pinto ni San Pedro. Pero wala naman akong makitang mga anghel at alapaap.Sabi ko, hindi ba ako sa itaas pupunta? mwahaha.

These dreams lasted only for a few minutes, then I woke up and slept again for a few minutes to wake up horrified. I saw a pit where there were people and fire and water were falling from out if the sky. Impyerno? Hindi, ang liit naman. Hindi magkakasya ang politicians natin. Whooops. 

The other dreams shook me that I do not want to close my eyes.Aside from hurting, I finished a novel just so I remained awake.
Then came the photos in CNN. It was deja vu.



Anonymous said...

ahooooooy hahaha natawa ako dun sa di magkakasya mga politician, baka naman di yun hell mam lol,baka stop over lang lol, pero mam mas malamang dika sa hell mapupunta,kasi pag dun ka napunta at nakasama mo mga politicians dun,compare to them e anghel ka, or else maiimbyerna silang kasama ka kaya either ipopromote ka rin paitaas o magwewelga sila para ka maitapon paitaas bwahaha

Anonymous said...
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cathy said...

yon pala,maliit ang bunganga ng balon, malalim pala at nagkakatuntungan sila. from the House of Rep hanggang Senate. bwahahaha