Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Blame Game

Dear insansapinas,
(I took this photo when I was waiting outside the doctor's office in December. It was the only leaf remaining in that bush. Yes, Virginia, it was a leaf not a flower).
Some people blame somebody, anybody, everybody but themselves for wrong decisions made.First with the family; daddy was not there all the time, mommy was verbally abusive, elder siblings were control freaks, cousins were snobs and aunts and uncles were emtionally abusive.Kung masisisi pa nila ang house pets like the dog, the cat and the bird, they will. Fact is they can lay everything at their clan's feet to blame for what persons they have become. But if this is so, they have to go up the family tree and see who were bipolar that left the DNA, who were a mess that life was always in pepertual disorder; who was the suicidal; who was the loner and who was the temperamental. . The whole world for these people would be full of ancestors to blame. 

The only way to move on is to let them go because`it is who you are who will be dealing with the world--the workplace, the relationships, the community. Do not expect that the workplace is heaven, It is not where lasting frienship is formed. Relationships are a bed of roses--beautiful but with a lot of thorns and the community is full of people with egos as big as the monument of Liberty. It is a waste of time to be competing or arguing with them. Masarap lang mang-asar talaga.

Why I am writing this? Wala lang. There are people who do not count their blessings. That is having good health. Habit na nila ang magkasakit para mapansin. If I can exchange my life with them, I would. But I am not blaming anyone for being sick. There are several reasons to leave this world and mine is one of them.


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