Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Sitting, No Kidding

Dear insansapinas,

Having pets at home is a problem especially if you are a single, hard working guy or gal who may not have enough time for the care, grooming and feeding of the animals but needs the company of an animal when you get home. As if working in an office with gorillas, crocs and snakes are not enough. So a job was born out of necessity-dog walking, cat feeding-brushing the animals
 teeth and now TADA TADA.  Chicken sitting. No S#it. Dog walking in most cities and towns across the country, became in demand that it is not difficult to find someone who will, for a certain price, walk your dog, brush your cat, feed your fish, and pet your rabbit while you're away at work or on vacation.

For chicken sitting, starting at $20 a day, a pet sitter will do these menu of services: clean coops, put out food and water, and collect eggs.

I like to see this scenario:
Pet owner: So how's the day?
Pet sitter: It's cool.
Pet owner: Thanks , here is your pay, cash. Do you accept eggs?
Pet sitter: Naah, I am a vegan.
Pet owner: Where's my chicken?

Pet sitter: It is sitting in the oven.

I wonder if there someone who would like to sit for a boa 



Anonymous said...

happy aprils fool nga pala mam.

cathy said...

late nga dito eh. nabigyan na tuloy kami ng warning. pero wala namang nangloloko dito noon kahit sa opisina. masyadong seryoso ang mga tao.