Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Inventive Excuses and the Crying CEO

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I have laboratory works today so while drinking decaf crap coffee (that's what my ex-hubby thinks so who drinks brewed coffee or espresso only) I am writing this blog. Simple lang akong tao kasi, nasanay sa kapeng bigas. mwehehe

Inventive excuses
My friend called to tell me that her niece who is a nurse in the Philippines is being charged one thousand pesos a month to work in a hospital. She is given a contract of six months. The hospital justifies the payment as some sort of fee for acquiring nursing skills. Mga buwaya. Two years na siyang nagtatrabaho doon as volunteer without salary, ngayon siya pa ang pagbabayarin. Sandali lang, nasaan ba ang magic wand ko.
Ano yan perpetual on-the-job-training?


Singson reiterated that his son was not a drug user but was forced to admit drug use or risk being given a harsher sentence by the judge for being a drug trafficker.
"You have to prove you are a user or else they will think that the drugs was for profit...Medyo nakatikim siya noong araw pero hindi siya user," he said.
He repeated his claim that a known drug pusher who was on the same flight to Hong Kong had framed Ronald by asking him to carry the drugs. He said the pusher had befriended Ronald for the sole purpose of selling him drugs.
Asked why the congressman would be acquainted with a drug pusher, he said: "Kinakaibigan...para bentahan si Ronald."
Muntik ko nang maibuga ang kape. Kahit naman sinong traveler na hindi drug mule, alam nila na hindi dapat tumanggap ng padala o paki. Sayang na lang ang pagiging congressman niya kung tanga siyang tatanggap ng obvious na drugs. Anong nangyari doon sa kasama niyang drug pusher?

Pakibaba nga ang kilay ko. Toinkkk.

The Crying CEO
He is a CEO of the company he founded several years ago. His story is from rags to riches. The father abandoned him and his siblings and the mother raised them singlehandedly.

His business of restoration, fixing and cleaning houses that were damaged by fire, earthquake, typhoon and other calamities grew to be a billion dollar conglomerate. So he enjoyed luxury with lots of pairs of shoes, expensive clothes, jewelries. If he is not meeting with his think tank, he is in the golf course.

Then he joined the Undercover Boss with just a goal--to spy on his employees as to what they think about the management of the company.

There he met a woman who is unschooled but was very good in her job. She can not be promoted because she can not take the licensing exam. Seeing her work with customers however made him think that she is an asset of the company. Her salary is only a little above the minimum. Another lady worker whose job includes going under the house to check what kind of materials were used in the water lines impressed him so much for the dedication in her job. He himself could not spend a single minute in that claustrophobic workplace. When asked how much she was making, the lady without knowing that he is the CEO confided that she was promoted however her salary remained the same because there was salary freeze.

Alone in the company jet, he cried-- feeling guilty of indulging in profits of the company at the expense of the low salaried employees. So he met with his think tank and asked them to study the salary structure of the corporation and unfreeze the salary increases.

Sa atin ba meron niyan? Di ba contractual na ang karamihan, maliliit pa ang suweldo tapos makikita mo ang mga anak ng mayayaman, lulong sa drugs na nagkakahalaga ng mga libo-libo? Makita mo ang mga tycoons na dalawa o apat ang asawa habang ang mga workers nila ang sinisisi sa pagdami ng population dahil mahirap lang sila.


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