Friday, February 05, 2010

When you think that you are the only one who is being in the crossroad

Dear insansapinas,
I have not seen one of the Four Marias. The Marias  are not virgins, Virginia. It is a group of career-minded ladies in the Philippines where I once  belonged. We are still friends forever. It is just that we have not seen each other for a long time. One is missing in action.

One is a lawyer; another one is a CPA and the third is a Real Estate magnate. The poor me was still struggling with my career in Accountancy when I met these women who were successful in their chosen careers. I was the bunso. One was the VP of a bank who later became a dean of a law department in a university. The CPA became prominent in the Accounting professional organizations and also tried being a dean of an exclusive school for a year or two. She did not have to work. Her husband was a successful businessman. She's just got bored. They lived in an exclusive village and traveled a lot yearly. Pero kumakain siya ng lechon manok sa aking sala noon na nakapatong lang sa diyaryo at nakasquat lang kami.

  The third had her own real estate agency and lived in Ayala Alabang.Cowboy din siya. Kumakain kami sa mga greasy restaurants basta masarap ang pagkain. Kahit sa Binondo. 

The common denominator is that we were all in the academe.

Years passed and we have another common denominator. We are all single. Whaaaa.

The lawyer was widowed and the other two became estranged from their spouses.

Yong isa found herself financially bankrupt. The husband lost the money in casinos. Thank God, she got bored being SAHM. Now she's the bread winner.

Yong isa naman, iniwanan rin.

Ako, akong ang nang-iwan. Kasi ayaw kumain ng lechon manok sa aking sala na nakapatong sa diyaryo. TOINKK.



biyay said...

hey miss cath. long time no see/hear. hope things turn out right for you

cathy said...

natabunan lang ako ng snow. mwehehehe THnka for the concern.