Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Deals

Dear insansapinas,
One of the people I had communicated with during my vacation was my former boss in the consultancy firm which sent me to seminars as speaker in finance and accounting. She is still very active in the academe and accounting education that she is tasked of writing instructional materials for finance, management and accounting.

Knowing that I published mine before I left the Philippines, she offered me  to co-author with her--that is I will do the writing of the texts and she does the editing and the inclusion of cases and problems  in the local scenario.

But wait, there is a time frame-- to finish the draft before April for two books. Hello!!!


When I came up with my first book, manual and practise set, it took me five years to finish . For five years, I brought with me that fat, ugly brown collapsible folder wherever I go even though I was not doing any writing. It became my security blanket. I slept with it near my pillows. It was in my car even when I was just doing some shopping.

Then I lost it. Para akong mababaliw. Parang gusto kong manawagan sa lahat ng radio stations.  It took me months to rewrite it. The advantage of writing it by myself was that it was all stored in my mind. The information just flow like water without let-up. But then, I have to focus. So focused that when you meet me at the hallway, I may greet you but remind me later of the meeting and I may have no memory of it at all. 

When the book was released and marketed, I bought my second car.

Business plan:

It also happened to me when I was preparing the business plan for the school that I helped put up in California. Dala-dala ko rin ang mga materials ko kahit sa trabaho. Hanggang maholdap ako at tangay ang aking shopping bag. Tangay din ang draft at mga reference materials. Gawa na naman.

Fast Forward:

Para sa book project, I started borrowing materials from the library. Matanggal-tanggal ang balikat ng aking kapatid pagdala ng mga libro sa sasakyan. Ngayon nasa kama ko siya. I am used to reading while lying down.  Hindi ko na pwedeng dalhin kahit saan.  Problema, una ko munang binabasa  ang mga novels bago yong mga reference materials. bwahaha

Kailangang may magtulak na naman sa akin. Noon ang nagtutulak sa akin ay matinding pangangailangan. toinkkk  Ngayon siguro ay ang aking newly acquired disorder--narcissistic personality disorder. Nahawa na rin yata ako sa maraming bloggers  na kailangang pangalandakan ang mga achievements nila kahit ito ay isang eb lang na ginanap sa Starbucks. mwehehe. 

  And I thought, I am going to enjoy my early retirement? Pagbukas ko ng first page ng libro na aking first reference, umatake ang aking ulcer. Aray. Stress na naman.

I have up to March to think. That would be a few days from now. UHmmmm.


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