Wednesday, February 24, 2010


 Dear insansapinas,

Please read my article in blogkadahan entitled Internet and Paranoia.

 I like the way Ate Sienna of Pansitan described me and the writers and members of blogkadahan which you can read ito po kami, my best tomodachi.

And the last member,she has no picture here but you will see her genius style of blogging in this blog ,is,Cat.She has a large following  (nandiyan ang daga ang langgam ang lamok ) and is a mystery in the blog world. ( hindi nila sure kung tao nga ako o pusa). Just like the cute,lovable feline animals,she is also unpredictable,biting and dangerous. And elusive! ( lalo sa mga uutang. ngeek).
 Note: bold lettera are mine.

Wow, genius daw ako. mystery pa. ahehehe. Feed naman ang aking narcissistic disorder. Pakisampal nga.

By the way blogkadahan is the original blogkadahan group blog initiated by the berks in the early part of 2000.

The members who  are still active in the e-mail group decided to resurrect ( hanep na word yan) the blog before the domain expired.

The articles are in different categories.  There are no controversies and  foul language.Kinukulam ang nagmumura.


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