Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mansion

Dear insansapinas,
So I got the e-mail showing the mansion of a certain presidential candidate. SO? Not my type. I've seen a mansion in the Philippines where everything is gilded with gold. He is not even a politician but he cornered many construction projects of the government.

 When I was a newbie here in US, a friend brought me to an exclusive village where most of the residents were from the Philippines. He he pointed to me the mansions of so and so--mostly politicians, retired, semi-retired, active or incumbent. Then he whispered to me that there was where the "kurakots" were being brought by these corrupt government servants out of the country. The flight of the dollars.  Some mansions are owned by prominent businessmen who also put up businesses in the US of A and other parts of the globe. Never would they be caught  again with all their eggs in one basket-Philippines. Pag kinamkam nga naman, wala na. That is one of the legacies of EDSA 1--the elite stashing their wealth abroad for security. 

And there were countries who gave them citizenship in exchange of a million dollar investment.

So while the OFWs were sending dollars to the Philippines for the much needed dollar reserves for trades and payments, the rich are also sending their dollars abroad for safekeeping. 

Remember the eurodollar generals? They are running for elective positions. 

Remember the son of General Garcia who bought a unit in Trump Tower out of the funds his father plundered from the military? Ayon, nagpaparetrato pa kasama ang mga movers and shakers ng fashion sa New York.

 What about a building in New York who is alleged to be owned by the former First Lady?

The question is where did the wealth come from. Was it illegally gotten?


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