Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake, Snowstorm and Tsunami?

Dear insansapinas,

Chile was hit by an 8.8 earthquake today killing more than 70 people which is believed to increase in number as the extent of damage is fully ascertained.

There is now a high level of alert for tsunami around coastal areas of Hawaii, US and even Philippines.

Hardly the third snowstorm had passed when another snowstorm is expected by Wednesday in the Northeast America.
photocredit: MSNBC

Yesterday, despite the wind howling, I went to the grocery store. There are store shelves which are almost empty. I thought the store was not replenishing its stocks on display. Then I saw people buying by the bulk. Hmmm hoarding. So I bought a big bag of potato chips. Maubusan pa ako. Yum.
photocredit: MSNBC
In  New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, almost a million people have no power. More than a thousand flights were cancelled but airports remained open. 

I know how it is to be stranded. You wish you grow wings so you can fly. 


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