Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Short Shorts

Dear insansapinas,


I am still in the different time zone. I am asleep the whole day, US East Coast time and awake the whole night. This is my second week in the US of A and if I were a vampire, I could have stalked a lot of people for their blood. Ngggiiii.

In the Philippines, I tried dinuguan in one of the popular fastfoods. It caused me diarrhea. Too much MSG or too much vinegar? That was my first and last attempt to eat dinuguan. I rather have the home-cooked Bicol dinuguan which has coconut milk and langka or the langka-like fruit.

The Texting Country

It had been more than five years that I have not gone home. My friends and former faculty staff visited me at home. We were in the middle of conversation reminiscing the good old days when simultaneously they brought out their cell phones to read the texts that they received. 

The Bike

I am not used to seeing motor bikes in the main thoroughfare here in the United States so when one motobike with the whole family (walang crash helmet) zigzagged while we were cruising Commonwealth Avenue, para akong tangang sigaw ng sigaw. Oooh baka mabangga...things like that. Yong puso ko yata ay nahuhulog.

The Cross Dresser

Why does a popular comedian has to wear a lady's dress in his education-oriented TV series? Hindi ko maisip bakit mahilig siyang magcross dress kahit hindi naman siya bakla.

Pakiesplika nga.

Bakit kailangang magsuot sila ng mga sa bakla para lang makapagpatawa. Hindi naman ako matawa. Corny ko.

The Eyeglasses

I had a new prescription glass. I went back to the optical store because it is misaligned. Nahuhulog tuloy madalas. The person in the store told me that they can not guarantee that the temples would not break when they fix them. Kainis.

When I went to UP store where I bought shirts and other pasalubongs for my siblings, I saw a Sarabia Optical branch. I decided to have a new one made.

The owner was an English speaking lady. (Naamoy ba na balikbayan ako) o talagang sanay lang siyang magsalita ng English). Binali-bali lang niya ang temples, sinikipan ang solder arms pad. Presto, ayos na ulit.



biyay said...

Sayang, pagkakataon mo na sana makakain ng dinuguan. tsk tsk.

nakakairita din naman talaga yung ibang mga texters. walang pakundangan. Nung isang araw, may kausap ako na kliyente. habang nagsasalita, nakatingin sa celfone tapos sabay reply. muntik na akong mag-walk out e.

cathy said...

nakakain naman ako. nagdiarrhea lang.

yon nga ang aking iritasyon, yong kausap mo pagkatapos nakatingin sa cellphone.