Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Predictions

 Dear insansapinas,

It was reported that Noynoy Aquino is taking charge of his campaign. What happened to his media handlers? 

After the "palpak" rapping add, he is still retaining his sister and Boy Abunda as in charge of the story line of his political ad.

These were my predictions in December 2009.

Let us see which among them had already happened.


1. The yellow army of Noynoy will go to the extent of giving the impression that Noynoy is Siyananga according to the message from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2. The camps of Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino will have cold war as the election comes nearer.

3. One or two presidential candidates will withdraw or will not make it to the last stretch.

4. Money will become a problem of the Noynoy camp as contributions promised will not be met.

5. His percentage of winning will be reduced in the coming months when campaigns are more intensified and more think tanks are employed by the well-oiled political machinery.

You do not have to be a psychic to expect these developments.

At the rate he's losing his cool  in the way he deals with people who he sensed to be not his fan, he is going to make the undecided favor other candidates.

I hope it is not Jamby who declared that if she becomes president, she is going to run after her relatives. 

Between Jamby and Juday, I would have voted for Juday. mweheheh


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