Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Dear insansapinas,
Kulit ng batang ito. Sabi siguro ni Bossing sa Itaas.

I have just been discharged from the hospital facilities after two months of battle for life not because of my C but because of my D-iabetes.

My brother found me unconscious in my bedroom last May. He could not wake me up. He called 9-11 and an ambulance was quickly dispatched to our home. He did not ride along with the paramedics. He drove his car and followed the red lighted trucks in the ER of the hospital.

The doctor told him that my blood pressure was high, my blood sugar was almost zero and I

.........I know who I am. But I do not know what I was doing in that top of the building looking down
the water, trees and buildings. I can see what was inside the tall building. There was a bed and a group of people in uniform. I saw my brother wearing a mask, glove and a gown. I wondered if he is already connected there. Then I felt flying. I reached San Francisco where I was looking for my former house....then I went back to the building. I was just looking from where I was. 

For days, while Dolphy was having difficulty breathing, I gave it up. I was put in the CCU with all
the tubes and ventilator taking charge.

After days, I opened my eyes. They can not communicate with me. The neurosurgeon ordered an MRI to
find out the extent of the brain damage. I can not swallow, I can not eat and I could not speak. Although
I was articulating some things which happened in the past. The doctor said that something's mixed up.
I got no appetite, I could not get up, I could not walk and I slept a lot.

My brother was talking to me. As if I was talking to him in my dream or I was sending thoughts. He  mentioned that my tsikiting gubat came but left without seeing me becoming conscious. If she came, then somethig must have happened to me which I could not remember.

I started eating. The doctor asked me if I know who the President is, what year is it and what month.
I almost asked him, what president? Baka bigla niyang idiagnose na sira nga ang utak ko pag sinabi ko si Noynoy. mweehhhe.

I responded correctly and he said he did not expect the kind of response from someone who underwent
such kind of medical condition.

Even in the regular room, the tubes were with me. They removed them when I started moving about and eating on my own. But I needed to learn how to stand up and walk again. I failed in the hospital'x physical therapy program. . I can not tackle the therapy. So I was transferred to a smaller facility where therapy is personalized. That was where I spent another month of undergoing post acute care regimen.

The problem is... my white corpuscles do not go up. The cancer doctor is finding out what is the cause.

Making me breathe once more is a miracle. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Ate Cath,

buti na lang pala i haven't checked your page for 2 months. i'd have been worried a lot if i checked this everyday and you were "away". i have been very busy with work and i went back home today 'cause i'm sick kaya ko naalala na i-check 'tong page mo. how are you now? still praying for you.


biyay said...

welcome back! nag-eemote na sana ako at ang tagal-tagal mo hindi nagpo-post. am very glad you're ok. :)

R.O. said...

OMG you went through NDE?!