Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Women and the Children of Dolphy

 Dear insansapinas,
Dolphy died a bachelor with seventeen biological children and one adopted.daughter. He had also romantic relationships with several women.

His first common law wife was Engracia (Gracia )Dominguez, a stage actress. He had six children:
1. Manuel (Manny Boy)
 2. Sahlud (Sahlee)
3. Rodolfo, Jr. (Junior)
4. Freddie (Baby)
5. Edgar 
6. Raul (Rolly) 

The next woman in his life with whom he had four children was Gloria Smith.These are their children:
1. Mariquit
2. Carlos
3. Geraldino (Dino)
4. Edwin

With Baby Smith (Pamela Ponti) a movie star in the Philippine movies, he has three: They are:
1. Enrico (Eric Quizon)
2. Jeffrey (Epi Quizon)
3. Ronaldo (Ronnie Quizon)
4. Madonna (Donna)

 With a nurse named Evangeline Tugalao, he had one son .
1. Rommel
He had also one son with Alma Moreno
1. Van Dolph

Zsa Sza Padilla and Dolphy had one biological and one adopted daughter.
1. Zia
2. Nicole (adopted)

Dolphy almost married Pilar Pilapil and Lotis Key.


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