Friday, July 13, 2012

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Out-of-Body Experience

Dear insansapinas,
Before I was discharged from the hospital/rehab facilities, my oncologist required me to undergo bone marrow biopsy. His intention was to find out what is causing the decline in the white blood corpuscles, the change in the hemoglobin and platelets. These are symptoms of leukemia and bone marrow dysfunction. Like Dolphy, I was susceptible to infection.

This week, the cancer doctor attributed the blood problems to my iron deficiency and the chemotherapy treatment which is temporarily halted until the hospital can put port in my body where the meds will pass. Para bang canal na dadaanan. Hirap talaga ng maysakit pero panay pa rin ang bantay sa akin ni Bossing sa Itaas. Sabi ng kaibigan ko, ang lakas ko raw. Sabi ng mother ng kaibigan ko, baka raw kasi may mission pa ako. Ano Mission Impossible? tan-tan-tan.

Honestly, you do not feel the pain when you are experiencing out- of -body- experience. What feels the pain is the physical body. It does not mean also that when the patient appears to be conscious, his spirit is still there.

When I was in the hospital and the doctor declared that I was not breathing, that must be when I was met by my mother. She showed me three houses which doors she promptly closed. Sabi niya, hindi ka wedeng pumasok.  She said that my heart is strong.
Ilan na bang near-death-experience ko ito starting when I died when I was a baby and my mother had me baptized. 

Why did I say that the soul does not feel the pain and discomfort because of the sickness? Because my friend, all the while that I was in the CCU last May, I was fighting it out with the hospital staff by removing the tubes that were in my throat, my nose and my arms that they had to tie my arms in the bed railings so that I can not reach the tubings. I was not even aware and remember of what I have done.  What I remembered was my visit to California, to the Philippines and the things that I should do.

 I was even surprised that I could easily move from one place to another.  My brother told me that all the while I appeared to be awake and was just quiet and asked questions which happened in the past.  The truth was I was out. So when my brother let me read his notes about my hospitalization, I said that I must be sleeping while they were talking to me.

So I can now say that families could do more favor to the  long suffering bed-ridden relative  to just say good bye to the world.


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