Thursday, July 05, 2012


Dear insansapinas,
First week of June, I was transferred from the hospital to the post acute rehab. Surprise, surprise, the manager is a Filipino, one supervisor nurse is a Filipina, a physical therapist is also a Filipino and one other staff is an American who asked me Kumusta? He lived in Bicol for three years pala.

I was isolated from other patients because I got a weak inmmune system for disease. Every staff that comes inside my room had to put on a mask and a glove.

My physical therapy on the first few days made me feel like I was one baby learning how to walk steadily. The therapist had to secure me in my waist with a band while I took few steps to walk a less than 2 meter distance. The other therapist worked on my arms and shoulders. There were equipment that were brought to my room for therapy purposes.

In between, I watched cable and browse in my computer.

My determination to heal made me recover my motor skills in a few weeks. The only problem is my white blood corpuscles. I have to increase the range from the low level but the change was very minimal. So the bone marrow biopsy was conducted in the hospital.

The results will be known in a week or two. Will there be another miracle?


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Anonymous said...

Mam, glad you're back again. cheers to LIFE! God Bless po. josie (