Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chemo Treatment

Dear insansapinas,

Early morning of Thursday, my brother and I went to the hospital to continue my chemo treatment.I was the earliest and so the nurse had to call my oncologist if she can proceed.

There were six chairs for the patients and an hour or so, the chairs were already taken. But there was only one nurse so that she was the only one who took charge of the preparation and chemo treatment management. Some patients watched the small TV monitor for news and programs.There was a father-daughter team who played cards while the treatment was going on. Some were chit-chatting. I read a pocketbook and observed the nurse doing her tasks of changing meds/changing her gloves more than twenty times and talked with patients to comfort them. The chairs are convertible to mini-beds.

It was the IV which used up the time for connection to the meds. Mine and another woman were implanted with pedi-ports so all the nurse did was to inject the needles.

Those who stayed up to past lunch were served with food. The men were not fond of snacks so either they watched TV or take a nap.

I was the last one to finish. The nurse gave me some meds which made me become more drowsy.My brother picked me up after the treatment.

I lost my appetite already.



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