Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Remote and the Umbilical cord

Dear insansapinas,
The Remote

If the remote could only talk and whine, mine could have wrestled me to stop last night. There were three shows that I was watching. All of them are in their season finale.arghhh.

The Dancing with the Stars started at 8 ET. Yes, Nicole won. Yehhey. Then there is the NCIS-original and the NCIS-LA which some people should watch so they will know that there is indeed a mobile phone jammer or signal blocker and even the more sophisticated computer security system can be hacked by sixteen year olds and or the geeks attending the hackers convention somewhere in Vegas. 

Naah, I did not watch the American Idol. I was turned off by the prediction of Simon Cowell as to who is going to bring home the title.

The Umbilical Cord

Gone were the days when mothers used "bigkis" to their newborn babies. Ngayon pagtatawanan ka pag may bigkis ang bata. Hindi na raw uso. 

It was my midwife-aunt who explained to me the use of the bigkis. When she cut the umbilical cord, she left a few inches, covered it with gauze and adviced the mothers not to wet it when bathing the baby. She let the dried umbilical cord to dry and fall after a few weeks. She said that it conserved some "nutrients" coming from the mother to pass thru the cord. She was not schooled and hardly finished her grade school. 

 Then comes this article, years after she died and decades after my midwife great grandmother died and all the midwives in the family. I realized that the family is in the healthcare even when we were not born yet.

Wait to cut umbilical cord, study says

Baby may benefit from not clamping until cord quits pulsing.

 When the practice of immediate cord clamping first began about a half century ago, the value of cord blood, especially its stem cells , which can develop into a suite of other cells, was not known. But now we know that stem cells have many therapeutic properties, Sanberg told LiveScience.
They could have  asked  the  Filipino midwives who preserved the cords for future use for medicinal purposes.They could have listened to these old folks who use "bigkis" not only to prevent "kabag" of babies(this is often the source of problem of crying babies, the whole night).




Lee said...

natatandaan ko dun sa lumang bahay namin mam nung mga bata pa kami,yung mga pusod naming magkakapatid nakasabit sa my kisame,kaso nung lumipat na kami ng manila nung 6yr old ako,naiwan na dun sakisame ng lumang bahay.
diba pati yung mga milk teeth na natanggal e tinatago duin nung araw.

cathy said...

ako yong milk teeth ko nasabit sa pinto noong hinila ko para bunutin. :)