Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The K moments and the Mouse

Dear insansapinas,

There are several meanings of K in my life; one of which is Katangahan. I got  new lap top, a Toshiba. I fell in love with Toshiba ever since I bought my first  back in 2001. I was moonlighting as accountant during weekends and I got to bring some work at home. 
 This is not a paid advertisement.

Top of the line, it was expensive then. I gave it to my tsikiting gubat after five years. He has already an assembled pc but he passed it on to the tsikiting gubast second generation who are going to shame the not so geeky relatives in navigating  the internet.(filters and parental guidance installed).
When I took my vacation, this year, it is still breathing. The tsikiting gubats, second generation are using it for their art works. They already painted letters to the keypad. Burado na, gasgas pa. May gatas pa sa labi, nagla-laugh tough na ang mga bubuwit. Tama lang sa kanila ang luma.

Toshiba number 2 was bought for me by my brother when I got sick.
I hurt a lot those days that I could not move my laptop from bedroom to living room.  At the time, I had a Sony courtesy of my other brother. It was  in my bedroom and the Toshiba in front the TV. Sony is already gone. Nasunog and battery.

Now I have my third Toshiba. I made a resolve not to eat in my favorite seafood restaurant for months, won't order KFC for another few months and my favorite pizza for a few months too. 
Force of habit. When I was young, I set aside a fraction of my allowance  for whatever I like to buy. Now, I spend first and save later. hohoho

Yesterday, I tried to use the new pc. The wireless mouse won't work. I can not find the touch pad. Yon pala hindi mo talaga makikita kasi it is so designed that there are no lines, no depressed or embossed rectangle. I also do not know the password.  I would like to use it yesterday, but  I can't. Arggh

When my brother came, he showed me where to flick the mouse. Ang hanep, may on and off na pala yong binili niyang wireless microsoft. K atanga ko talaga.  K atamad ko talagang magbasa ng manual. K ainis talaga ang sarili ko. Iba kasing brand ang gamit kong wireless noon. Palusot pa. K ulit talaga. k pa rin.



Lee said...

naku mam, yang K moment nayan e napaka ordinary alng sakin at madalas mangyari sakin, kakambal ko na yata yang K na yan hahahaha

Lee said...

naku mam, sakin e napaka ordinary nyang K nayan at palaging present yan, kakambal ko na yata yang K na yan hahahahaha