Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Conversation with a mouse

Dear insansapinas,
My imaginary cat has an imaginary friend...the mouse. Listen to their talk.

Cat: Well mouse, when are you moving to that palace by the filthy river?

Mouse: Cat, how long have you been hiding in your litterbox...the news is that my boss is planning to stay in his Times residence. 

Cat: What? Is he serious? Just think of the security problem it is going to create...the chaos in the village it is going to bring and the traffic it is going to cause when the CHOSEN ONE is going to report to the palace for his 9-5 job as the president.

Mouse: I know. Think of me failing to hitch in the boxes of the movers because things will not be moved. Caramba. I will not have the chance to meet my ratrelatives who were there even after changes in the occupants of the old palace.

Cat:  Kris will be disappointed. She will not have the chance to redecorate the palace and give her best friend Boy Abunda (if he is not appointed yet as ambassador) the exclusive coverage of the place.

Mouse: Cat, it is Kris who believed that Malacanan has a bad fengshui because of the dirty Pasig River.

Cat: shuchks, fengshui ? I thought that it is just a movie.

Mouse: I think you need to have a change of litterbox. The smell has an effect on your brain.



lechon said...

baka si Erap ang lumipat

cathy said...

o kya si vice president. hehehe