Friday, May 28, 2010

Crucial Conversations

Dear insansapinas,
 photocredit: Richie's gallery

Thunder and lightning. 

We had some lightning bolts early morning today. I wondered if Bossing is playing bowling or is pissed again.

After, it settled, I thought I fell asleep or was I dreaming?

God: You are not talking to me?

Me: Well, G is that you? So very ancient and jurassic to announce your entry. I did not expect you to just pop out after those eardrum-shattering lightnings. The meteorologist said that we will have thunderstorm tonight.

God: Oh I do not like your high technology...they come and go but mine have been there even before your planet earth was created. Helllooooow.

 Me: So to what do I owe this visit? 

God: Well I saw that you're mean today. While you are listening to my priest, you were thinking of what to blog.

Me: Hellow, can I not have privacy in my thoughts?  Can you not wait for my confession that I entertain silly thoughts while listening to the boring homily of your priest. I think he will be good in lulling people to sleep. no offense, my Lord.

God: And when did you confess? (His brows are all up and His eyes almost pop out from their sockets).

Me: Okay, so I have not confessed for a long time to the priest but did I not whisper to you some of my sins? 

God: Did you feel sorry when you gave your friend some piece of your mind when she called tonight.

Me: Ow,that. Guffaw. As you know this friend hang up on me a few months ago. Just because she could not believe what the news was saying about kris aquino. Babaw di va. Then she denied that she did that disrespect thing to me . One thing I would not tolerate is someone hanging up on me. You can tell me that you're going to the bathroom or your house is on fire but never put down the phone while I am in the middle of my talk. Grrrr.

God: So did you not just delete a forwarded e-mail of inspirational messages and prayers which ought to be spread to many people by sending them to your friends? (I can see a naughty glint in his eyes).

Me:  You also invade my e-mail? That e-mail has a lot of e-mail addresses that would fill in a book, so loooong that when you reach the message, it was truncated. hohohoho

I am not against receiving inspirational messages but it seems these people have configured their e-mail to forward e-mails of this kind even without bothering to read. Duh.

God: I am not invading your e-mail. i am reading your thoughts which these days seemed to have stagnated.

Me: Excuse me? You gave me a 141 IQ when I was young (gasgas na yata), an EQ of 70;  a blood pressure of 250 and a blood sugar of 300.

God: Well, you did not congratulate me for keeping my hands off from your election. The people who claimed I anointed them did not win.

Me: Oh, I am not happy with the results. The dynasties are still there. The same old faces. The action stars who were sidelined by the dying film industry are lording it over the Senate. After many months, you will find them back to silent movies. 

God: Oh humans. 

Me: But the cheaters are not humans. they said they're koalas.  

God: got to go, I do not know where this conversation is heading to.

Me: I know. We're going to discuss the 7.3  GDP, the fiscal policy that needs to be adopted before there is inflation with so much money in circulation; the tendency of the prices are going up as inflation hits the new administration.

God: Really got to go. I do not want you when you talk about economics. I prefer you talking about showbiz. It gives me a lot of stress that I want to go back to smoking. 

Me: You smoke?

God: What do you think where that smoke from volcano coming from.

Me: Come on. it is my grandma who told me silly stories. ZZZZZZZ

God: And I have not even talk to her that there is no such thing as late pregnancies at late 40s. It is just some blokes are playing gods. 

Me: Oh I heard that. my friend who married late and had a daughter when she was already 40 called. She said she bought a pregnancy tester. I asked her why. She said she missed her period.

I did not attempt to tell her that could it be menopausal? Baka bagsakan ako ng phone. mawalan na naman ako ng kaibigan.  



Lee said...

hahahaha eto yung namimiss ko e yung conversation nyo.
mukhang mauubusan ka nga ng kebigan pag palagi kang nagsasabi ng totoo hahaha.

cathy said...

alam mo, nawawala sila pero bumabalik din. alam naman nilang i will not go out of my way pero i-win sila.

minsan narerealize nila tama naman ako. o kaya may matapang na nakakapagsabi sa kanila ng mali.

lechon said...

ako din me tanong kay Lord? pero I'm sure you will have some good pointers on my question? one of my Supervisors retired this week, he is a very humble person, he does not want any party or any gifts for his retirement (he worked for 30 yrs), we had a little gathering inone of the bars nearby the office, I dont know how many atended since we were the first batch to come and I left early. but this one Filipina insisted that there should be a potluck. she asked for contriubtions, I did not join. on the day of the lucheon she forced to create (since madami siyang pera, she gives orchids to everyone except for me kasi mataray ako) she told me that I can go join even if I did not contribute (I just came back from my own lunch) and she wants us to have pix w the person retiring, she was really insisting but I refuse, since I respect the request of the Supervisor, he don't want any fanfare of this event. I understand our Filipino culture, we want to have engrandeng occassion, pero since nandito tayo sa America, working with people with different views, di ba dapat i respect natin yong request noong tao to keep it low?

cathy said...

may mga tao talaga na gusto palagi sikat. na siya ay organizer ek ek.

pustahan gusto niya ganiyan din ang mangyari pag siya nagretire.

kala ko pa naman siya ang naghanda, yon pala potluck din. :)