Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Freshman Year Part 3 - Have you ever cheated?

Dear insansapinas,

cheating at pinaysaamerika

First year- Every man has his fault, and honesty is his.

Have you ever cheated or were you a professor's nightmare?

The Leak

I felt that my bladder is going to explode. One more suppressed giggle and it would go.

But the girl friend of my classmate Promdi (the tall one) was not able to contain it. She literally wetted her underwear and then burst laughing. She leaked.

We’re busted.

That was in our Economics class where we did not like our lady instructor. We cannot complain because no one would handle the subject on daytime. She was a part-timer and did not know how to teach. Her charts and graphs were like chicken’s scratches. Never finished.

Our class was not in the main building. It was some sort of annex and that was being used by the graduate students. That night, we’re the only one which was having a class in that part of the university complex.

The class decided not to attend the subject. No we did not leave the classroom. We were planning to make her leave.

We closed the doors, switched off the light and asked every student to hold their breath. One classmate stood on two desks piled one on top of the other so he can reach the
a small air vent where he could see the professor coming and going.

The lady instructor was about to leave upon seeing the dark room when she heard my classmates’ noise because of the “wetness” episode of my lady classmate.

The Leakage

We’re having a hard time with one of our science subjects. Although the objective type of quizzes is in the form of true or false, fill-in the blanks and matching type, our terror professor was inserting some words which made the question confusing or misleading.

But there were two classmates who were acing the long exams almost a hundred per cent.
The rest of the class fell below 80’s and these two classmates were not exactly superior
in other subject.

In our class, our group was the most outspoken that we would always ask for a dialogue with our professors if we believed there was a need to thresh out some issues.

We suspected that the two were the favorites of our professor; the female classmate who was not outstandingly beautiful but was some kind of a flirty type. She talked very sweetly and called everybody honey.

The other groups in the class did not join us when the professor threatened us of slander because of the accusation.

We presented our argument. The professor did not make any comment. He said he forgave us and we have to move on. He denied the allegation which we really never articulated. Just insinuations.

After a month, he called our group.Closed Door. He found out how the cheating was being done. The culprit was getting the carbon paper of the stencil from the printer of the Exam papers. When the stencil is run in the printing machine, the carbon paper is detached and discarded.

He thanked us for letting him know of our suspicions. He changed his printer. The two never got high grades again.

The mean became lower so that the professor knew the real class standing.


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