Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Freshman Year-Part 1- I have never let my schooling interfere with my education

Dear insansapinas,


Freshman Year-Each decision we make determines the range of choices we'll face next.-Calvin of the Calvin and Hobbes.

So I decided to enroll in the city funded university where I would not be paying a single cent for my tuition fee as long as I maintained a certain average grade to avoid kick-out.

The Classmates -It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated.

The guy stumbled toward my desk. Clumsy. I thought. He stared back at the guy who was following him. They smiled. Done on purpose, I thought. . Their eyes shifted to the book on top of my desk.

I heard them laughed and made the sarcastic remarks… the taller guy blurted out, " Must be one of our textbooks?" …the smile or was that a smirk never left his face. …"are you kidding?", responded the other guy.

They looked at each other again...raised their brows and made a high five and chuckled.

The object of their interest was my Thesaurus. First day in College and force of habit of carrying something made me grab anything and that any thing that I happened to grab was our thick, heavy thesaurus. mabuti na lang wala kaming encyclopedia britannica. *heh*

Darn, I made a fool of myself to these "bullies". Nyek.

They were D and E, two of my classmates in that block. They were both valedictorians from Central Luzon high schools.

The labeling started on the first day. The two were PRO. Promdis. From the province. D was wearing a cotton long sleeved barong, tucked in a loose pants. He had a bright red tie. I am not pulling your leg. Swear. Madapa man kayo pag lakad ninyo. (translation: may you trip when you walk)

He was wearing sneakers too. .. He wore an old fashioned pair of eyeglasses like he was mild-mannered Clark Kent. I did not think that it was a ploy to cause attraction. He was really a walking fashion disaster. He was consistent throughout the semesters that he was my classmate. A weird one. He wanted to become a lawyer. He dropped out or was kicked out after the first two semesters.

E was the taller one. He was a conservative dresser but was a good–looking, 5' 9 "' in a well proportioned all muscles-no fat body frame. Except for his tendency to stoop, he was more of a star material than Piolo Pascual. *heh*. He majored in Economics.

Another guy was from the Southern Luzon. He spoke in heavy accented Tagalog with an AY at the end of every sentence. The classmates called him Simple Pimple because of his pimply fez. He was very focused in his studies. He finished Engineering.

The guy who became a very close friend was a Math wizard. He was the clown of the class. Little did I know that he would become a part of my colorful past.



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